9MM – Dem Teufel Ein Gebet

The German Rock ‘n’ Roll/Hard Rock band 9MM has been around since 2006 (or maybe a little earlier). This is actually Rock Rotten’s band and its full name is Rock Rottens, 9MM, Assi Rock ‘n’ Roll. This according to the bio on the band’s website. Influences and ingredients for the band’s music come from Heavy Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Punk. Rotten’s shouting vocals are of course also part of this and quite a lot even.  The Germans have so far shared the stage with GIRLSCHOOL, DORO, U.D.O., GRAVE DIGGER, BONFIRE, MOTÖRHEAD, ALICE COOPER, SLAYER, VOLBEAT and more.

So far 9MM has three releases out: “Fegefeuer” (a self-release, apparently), “Champagner, Koks und Nutten” (2010) and now, since the 21st October via Napalm Records, “Dem Teufel In Gebet”. In English this translates as “A Prayer For The Devil”. As you can imagine, it’s a German band and the lyrics are in German. Their musical style is therefore also called Deutschrock. “Dem Teufel Ein Gebet” is the first I hear from this band, which – so it is said – is well known throughout the country. It contains 13 tracks, to the point (considering their length of around 3 minutes), and written to give you energy to get rid of the day’s troubles or just have a jolly good time. Booz and Rock, what more does a man want?

The album or prayer kicks off with “Wenn Träume Fliegen”, where drums and bass welcome you heartly. This alone sounds very groovy and funky. When the guitars and vocals fall in, all power is unleashed. The chorus is sung by the entire band, so you get that Punk feeling here too. Like I said, 9MM’s is to the point, powerful and catchy. And this is song is the perfect example. Great stuff! So is “Symphonie Des Zorns”, which starts directly. Again, catchy riffing, pounding verses and a melodic chorus. The whole also has something Bluesy, particularly the solo part. Don’t expect anything technical, that’s not 9MM’s style. I found “Der Letzte Engel” a bit less good. You get rain and church bells first before frm Hard Rock comes in their place. Rock’s shouting vocals stand out, but even if it fits with the music, it gets annoying. As if the man can’t sing in a more normal way. The chorus, once more, has the entire band singing/shouting it and it’s catchy. Kudos for the guitar solo, too.

“Kain Vs Abel” is another song I wouldn’t consider a highlight. The focus lies on the rocking riffs, no doubt about that. And the whole band delivers. Next to that, there was enough attention for melody. Rock’s shouting vocals annoy and don’t fit that well here. Things improve with the Punky Rock ‘n’ Roll track  “9/ARR”. Very good stuff, indeed. 9MM also aims at radioplay, so they wrote “Dein Wille Ist Gesetz”. The band continues to rock then in “Feigheit”, which is very good on a musical level, but the vocals… “Party Rock n Bier” is another rocker, but of a lighter kind, while speed is the key in “Evil Knievel”. Want some firm Rock? Listen to “Sommer”. If you want another radio-friendly track, then “Amigos Para Siempre” will satisfy your taste. In “Störtebeker” the band started with some tribal elements before letting the music speak. It’s an ok song, but not as magical, so to speak, as the preceding ones. “Durstige Männer” is another less attractive song with the predictable beat, simple construction, … and – sorry to repeat it – the shouting vocals. Especially in this song Rock should NOT shout.

9MM and their powerful, energetic and catchy Rock ‘n’ Roll is simply too good to ignore. The production is very good, all songs rock and allow for you to simply have a good time, to rock out with friends or on the road (be careful, though ;-)). My only critique would be Rock’s vocals. Sure, his shouts fit this kind of music, but must he do this in every (!) song? The music isn’t always right for this. Other than that: Kaufen die Handelsware!



  1. Wenn Träume Fliegen
  2. Symphonie Des Zorns
  3. Der Letzte Engel
  4. Kain Vs Abel
  5. 9/ARR
  6. Dein Wille Ist Gesetz
  7. Feigheit
  8. Party Rock n Bier
  9. Evil Knievel
  10. Sommer
  11. Amigos Para Siempre
  12. Störtebeker
  13. Durstige Männer


Rock Rotten – vocals, guitar
Ritchie – guitar
Maubi – bass
Angel – drums

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