ABSURDITY – D:\Evolution

ABSURDITY is a French Metal band who was formed in 2001. Before switching to Deathcore, the band played a mixture of Thrash, Death and Hardcore, which somehow doesn’t differ that much from Deathcore, in my opinion. Then again, I’m not familiar with their early works, so I can’t say how big the change is. Release-wise the French put out two demos (“Sessions Recordings” in 2003 and “Decline Of Human Condition” in 2004) and two EPS (“Urban Strife” in 2007 and “Industreatment” in 2009) before deciding the time was right for a full-length. This full-length was put out in the spring of 2011 via Urban Death Records. But thanks to a deal with Ultimhate Records, “D:\Evolution” is now available on a wider scale.

I got sent a copy a few months ago. The only Deathcore I have heard so far – well, properly – limits to DEFEAT LIES AHEAD, DIVINE HERESY, STIGMA (from Italy) and VIOLENT EVE. There is obviously loads more of these bands out there, oceans full, but like with anything, one cannot know all. And since music is also inherent to taste. In any case, I’m open for it, also knowing that, like in each genre, there’s quality and there’s redundancy. But back to ABSURDITY. The re-release of “D:\Evolution” was scheduled for the 4th November 2011. The album contains eleven tracks, good for a playtime of 30 to 40 minutes.

It begins with “A Taste Of…”, offering a direct kick in the nuts, so to speak, and preparing for the take off. And so it happens. The aggressive music comes out smoothly (thanks to the production). Thundering drums also include a bit of blasting, while the vocals are of the screaming and growling kind. The music consists of Thrash, Death, Hardcore and Industrial touches for the sake of atmosphere. The main focus, however, lies on the rhythm guitar. It’s a short track, but excellent to headbang to, to vent your anger, to get rid of daily stress. Another good track is “Concrete Brain”, which attack as soon as it starts. Both vocals and instruments are in charge of that. The tempo is high and the music is perfect for moshpits. You could say the band is bringing a whirlwind of Metal here. Atmospheric sounds fill the gaps in the musical structure. Somehow this is also a more emotional song and melodicness contributes to that. Think of e.g. DARK TRANQUILLITY or similar.

“Sneaking Data” begins with dark riffing and also prepares for take off, slowly but surely. Pounding, grooving Metal follows with growling vocals, which are very fitting. Almost demonic even. On a musical level it’s nice to see it’s not one big grooving stream, as light melodic touches are weaved in between. Over halfway an atmospheric break offers some rest before the final part, which can be described as heavy (in terms of weight), sluggish (in terms of speed) and dragging. “Logical War Process” begins with vocals similar to how BEHEMOTH starts their hit “Slaves Shall Serve”. As you may expect, thundering, pounding Metal kicks in after that. The whole sounds violent and brutal. There are also similarities with DIVINE HERESY. One example would be the song “Facebreaker”. The war commences. The guitarwork is one of the elements that stand out, especially over halfway. Good stuff, so far.

Other tracks that stood out (for me) were “Scorn & Ignorance” and “Death. Kult. Paranoia”. The first announces upcoming danger! The blasts will soon kick in. The music is ferocious, demonic, with growling vocals. Another short and direct track. The other one is also direct and fast-paced. The whole pounds, is Thrashy and the atmospheric backing makes it more creepy. But despite the dark feel, there was room for a guitar solo, rare but true.

This leaves the rest of the tracklist. Those songs, while well executed and sounding, they’re not as attractive or captivating as the others. A review should not be about the tastes of the reviewer, but one cannot avoid personal preferences, since music is – I repeat – inherent to taste, to some extent. “Fall Out” sounds as if top speed will be chosen soon, but you get slow/midtempo melodic Metal first, with an emotional touch. It’s almost like a powerful power ballad. The music does get a bit more ballsy later on, but it is very different from the attacks in the previous songs. Sampled speeches replace the regular vocals. “Novae” contains double bass, but the music flows at midtempo. The guitarwork is more melodic than before (but still grooves most of the time), while the hoarse growling remains a constant. There isn’t much variety here, save then for that Drum ‘n’ Bass middle section. For whatever reason that may have been added…

“Rewind” indicates in the beginning that hell will break loose soon. And it does. Well, maybe not hell, but you get the idea. Thrashy, aggressive and fast Metal comes rushing out of the speakers. The music gets more Hardcore-influenced later on, during which the vocals revert to the typical shouting. “The Ultimate Carnivore” made me think of one hell of blaster, but it offers none of it. Instead you get an Industrial-ish interlude with spoken samples. This didn’t do much to me, but it may have a purpose in the whole of the tracklist. Maybe one should consider all tracks part of the same story. “D:\Evolution” ends with the title track, which is an aggressive midtempo song, but with an emotional touch.

All things considered, ABSURDITY made a relatively solid album. From the start on the band throws violent and aggressive sounds at your ears, as a means of expression towards happenings in the world. The production is well done, smooth and yet allowing for a powerful outburst. The songs are short, to the point, which is normal for this style. However, truth be told, most of the songs are a bit too same-ish, despite some melodic and atmospheric moments. Other than that, “D:\Evolution” is good for in-between, for the reasons mentioned with “A Taste Of…”. Live I assume the band will stand its ground, as several songs are good for such a setting.



  1. A Taste Of…
  2. Concrete Brain
  3. Sneaking Data
  4. Logical War Process
  5. Fall Out
  6. Scorn & Ignorance
  7. Death. Kult. Paranoia
  8. Novae
  9. Rewind
  10. The Ultimate Carnivore
  11. D:\Evolution


Ricardo Gomes – vocals
Erik Escoffier – guitars
Cédric Belzunce – guitars
ZNO – sampling
David Barada – bass
Arnaud Seebald – drums