ALITOR – Embittered

ALITOR is a Thrash Metal band from Indjija, Serbia. The band was founded in July 2011 with the intention to play old school Bay Area Thrash, in vein of TESTAMENT, HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, … The Serbians also add a.o. DEATH, SEPULTURA and METALLICA to their influences. Last year in december (2012) the band put out a first release, the 3-track “Embittered” EP, which can be downloaded for free. See their Facebook page for more info.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Embittered”. At first there’s melodic guitarwork to be heard, in vein of DEATH. The typical Thrash shredding sets in after that, as well as the thumping bass (set relatively high in the mix). And we’re off! Thrash by the book, with the characteristic skank beat. The verses are at midtempo, while the vocals are aggressive, though not like in the aformentioned bands. Rather, Marko has a more shouting way of singing, like clean with a rough side, if you know what I mean. To make the old school feel more prominent, the band added group shouting in the chorus: “Em-bittered!”. Overall, this is quite a catchy song. And I like how Jovan and Aleksandar (the two axemen) delivered a more melodic kind of guitar playing. The solos are good, nothing wild or fancy, but more refined, you could say.

Next is “Horror”, which begins in about the same way: melodic guitars. The song does take off a little later (again in typical skank beat Thrash style), but there’s a short twist to spice things up and make you more curious.  The band did make each part varied (like adding stop-start playing), so it wouldn’t be one straight-forward piece of Metal. The melodic guitarwork stands out here, as do the drums. You can’t miss those. Sure, the bass is there as well, but mainly because of the mix. Speaking of variation: over halfway there’s a nice Heavy/Thrash midtempo bridge. This is followed by a bit of shredding, creating a tension before the solo is due. And so, by instrumental way, the song continues towards its end. The guys do put effort in their solos, you have to give ’em kudos for that. They make ’em refined and very listened. It’s not just tearing up the strings, it’s a more Heavy Metal-kind of soloing. Which is why ALITOR is no pure Thrash Metal outfit, but shift between Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal.

Last but not least: “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Same kind of beginning, which is nice, but if you’re going to apply this kind of start to each song, it gets predictable, no matter how good the piece is. Either way, here extra tension is creation with the drums and bass. Slowly the train takes off, exploring the tracks and when all is clear… THRASH! It’s a straight-forward song with those shouting/sung vocals, though the chorus is of the uptempo Thrash kind. A guitar break is implemented some time later, filled with solos/leads. DEATH, anyone? Or something more 80’s Heavy Metal? 🙂 This is fine stuff, indeed. And so the lads work their way towards the real solo moment via a dark, pounding bridge. Through the gates of shred, the lads unleash the melodies. Afterwards it’s back to the uptempo Thrash chorus and done.

ALITOR is thus a new Thrash outfit, contributing to the Serbian Metal scene. The “Embittered” EP is nothing ground-breaking. However, I do like how they mix Bay Area Thrash and the influence of Chuck Schuldiner’s melodic guitarwork. The production is polished and that adds to the accessibility, but a more rough edge would be nice. Still, these are details that can be easily be tweaked on a next occasion. Fact is that ALITOR show they are doing a good job so far and things can only get better. Since the EP is free, and the material is worth checking out, I see no reason why you should NOT download it. 😉



  1. Embittered
  2. Horror
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever


Marko Todorović – vocals, bass
Jovan Šijan – guitar
Aleksandar Stevanović – guitar
Stefan Đurić – drums