BLOODSHED WALHALLA is a one-man-band, formed by Drakhen from Italy back in 2006. It is said the music is similar to that of BATHORY. BLOODSHED WALHALLA released two demos – “Walhalla” (2006) and “Demo 2009” (2009) – before unleashing the first full-length that is “The Legends Of A Viking”. This release was put out in 2010 and re-released in May 2011 via Fog Foundation. So yes, this review is a bit overdue. Anyway, the album contains six tracks, all new ones and quite long.

It starts with “Son Of The War” and its intro of storm and rain, followed by midtempo hymnic Metal in vein of – since I’m not familiar with BATHORY’s repertoire – TÝR, MOONSORROW and so on. As the song advances MANOWAR also comes to mind, in a way. So does FALKENBACH. But all those comparisons aside, it’s clear what kind of music you’re getting. The song is alright, though nothing super. “Where’s My God?” begins acoustically, but soon lets Heavy Metal take over. Again, some nice ideas, but the whole is just monotonous, simple, … There is just not enough variation to justify the length of over 7 minutes.

You could rejoice when “Warrior Of The Northern” is played, for it adds more power to the tracklist, but then you get the midtempo Heavy Metal of before. Of course, with the needed attention for hymnic and Folky touches (chorus). But most importantly: where’s the speed? It doesn’t get better with “The Legends Will Sing Through The Wind”, where – yes – there’s a gust of wind and there’s a little building before slow, hymnic, Folky Metal is played.

“Born In Fire” is where Drakhen adds a bit more power and firmer playing to the extent that the music has something Black Metal-ish. The chorus in particular is where the action takes place. And that’s a good thing. “Eternal Wind” is the closing track, a slow, semi-acoustic Folk song, which – frankly – sounds… dull.

In short, BLOODSHED WALHALLA has good ideas, but the songs themselves are too much of the same, too simple, too slow. Variation is hard to find. Practice makes perfect, so maybe in time Drakhen will improve his skills over time.



  1. Son Of The War
  2. Where’s My God?
  3. Warrior Of The Northern
  4. The Legends Will Sing Through The Wind
  5. Born In Fire
  6. Eternal Wind


Drakhen – vocals, all instruments