BLOODSHED WALHALLA – The Battle Will Never End

BLOODSHED WALHALLA is still a one man band, lead by Drakhen from Italy. Copied from the review (see here) of his previous album, “The Legends Of A Viking”, since there’s otherwise nothing much to add in terms of bio… BLOODSHED WALHALLA is a one-man-band, formed by Drakhen from Italy back in 2006. It is said the music is similar to that of BATHORY. BLOODSHED WALHALLA released two demos – “Walhalla” (2006) and “Demo 2009” (2009) – before unleashing the first full-length that is “The Legends Of A Viking”. This release was put out in 2010 and re-released in May 2011 via Fog Foundation.

Now, anno 2012 and since the 15th October, album no. 2 is out: “The Battle Will Never End”. While the cover art of the previous release was a bit warmer, more colourful, this one is colder, less colourful. Since winter is around the corner, it’s quite logical. The painting is by Andrè Kosslick. You can check his DeviantArt page at this location. “The Battle Will Never End” contains seven tracks and a total playtime of a good 55 minutes.

It begins with “Heimdallr”. All tracks are long, so Drakhen does take his time to get the train on the tracks. After an initial silence of about 15 seconds, the first note comes floating gently through the air. Steadily it grows in volume, joined by its mates, transforming into an epic, Folky piece that is fully instrumental… and on repeat. After a good 4 minutes all falls silent again and the faint sounds of before remain in the back. Weather elements acoompany them for another two minutes. After this it’s time for “Blood And Fire”, another epic, hymnic piece with percussion and semi-acoustic music. You could easily compare it with MOONSORROW’s instrumental pieces. The stuff itself is good. The Folk Metal kicks in a bit later, at midtempo and with a light galopping rhythm. The vocals are clean, though with rough edge, yet it sounds as if Drakhen has been drinking. The vocals lines are catchy and the backing vocals help to create that specific feeling of epicness. Obviously there’s room for guitar solos, as this is the main instrument. Coming back to the vocals, I have to say they’re not always spot on.

“At The End Of The World” could have been a MANOWAR song, comparable to e.g. “Call To Arms” or “Blood Of My Enemies”, with that difference that “At The End Of The World” is a little faster than this last song. Keyboards add to the atmosphere. “The Battle Will Never End” begins with an acoustic intro and atmospheric sounds (woods, birds, …), which creates a nice feeling. The Metal comes pounding in, though the acoustic passages return here and there. The pace is slow.  “The Storm” also has an acoustic, hymnic intro, followed by slow Folk Metal. The backing vocals return, so get ready to join yer mates. “Land Of Fire”, contrary to the title, sounds darker and the vocals are a bit harsher too, just a little. The music is again semi-acoustic, MOONSORROW-style. And last, there’s “My Sword Again For You”, a Folky, hymnic ballad where the guitar input stands out (for obvious reasons).

To cut things short, Drakhen continues where “The Legends Of A Viking” left off. Is it an improvement? I can’t really say. Again, some things are good here, but in most cases the songs are way too long, too stretched, thus not adding much variation per song (although the change between acoustic and electric is a good thing). The drums are computerized (or sound very much so) and that’s annoying after a while. Anyway, if you’re into Epic/Folk Metal comparable to MOONSORROW, FALKENBACH, MANOWAR and so on and want to give new talent a chance, then “The Battle Will Never End” could (!) be pleasing. Otherwise, there’s plenty of stuff on the market in this category.



  1. Heimdallr
  2. Blood And Fire
  3. At The End Of The World
  4. The Battle Will Never End
  5. The Storm
  6. Land Of Fire
  7. My Sword Again For You



Drakhen – vocals, all instruments