The German Death Metal band BURIED IN BLACK has been around since 2008. The time was taken to write own songs and in 2010 a demo called “Arms Of Armageddon”was released. One year later, the official debut album is out under the title “Black Death” and this since the 10 June. BURIED IN BLACK has so far shared the stage with e.g. MAROON, DISBELIEF, MAINTAIN, DARK AGE and ALL THAT REMAINS.

“Black Death” contains 10 tracks and kicks off with “The Bait”. The raw production, so to speak, fits this rather Black/Thrash-ish stuff. Growls and screams occupy the vocal department, while the rhythm section adds the obligatory blastbeats. The whole comes across as energetic, powerful, fast and yes, even catchy. The midtempo chorus contrasts nicely with the verses, sounding dark and evil. Solos make the song complete. “Parasite’s Paradise” is a midtempo rocker, which transcends into pounding Thrash/Death’n’Roll. It’s not pure Death Metal these guys play. Growls are the lead vocals. The chorus differs again very much and offers more melody and even, unless my ears fooled me, a Stoner-ish influence. But it’s nice.

“7.405.926” is a midtempo double-bass BOLT THROWER kind of song. Of course you get extreme vocals with energetic Metal, but a lot of groove. Things slow down a little, but aren’t less violent, in the chorus. This reminded me of, for example, old GOREFEST (“Soul Survivor”, “Chapter 13” albums). Over halfway the band opts for a more Bluesy approach, too. And speed is also an issue in “One Life Left”, where thundering Metal with growls and screams is delivered. Again the Metal sounds quite groovy. The chorus is simple, though. But the end result is well done. “A Vast Hereafter” not only takes of instantly, it also brings some Hardcore influences to the table. You could compare it to PRO-PAIN. Death ‘n’ Roll follows soon after that. Another solid song, though you need to stay focused, for it’s not Pop music we’re dealing with here.

In “Lest We Forget” BURIED IN BLACK keeps its Death Metal slow throughout the song and thus gives it a Doomy touch. This in itself is not bad, but the overdistortion is beginning to annoy at this stage. “Act Of Caprice” doesn’t seem to be in a hurry either and it very straight-forward. In addition, it also has that overdistorted sound of the guitars and as violent as it all may sound, it’s getting harder to stay focused. “Godseed” begins with some building, then the same recipe as before is applied (with growls and screams), but the music this time sounds a bit like AMON AMARTH. Nothing super, but nice and it adds to the diversity. “Violand” is the song where the band has found the pedal to accelerate once more. It’s a direct roller, powerful and violent indeed. And last, there’s “One Ate Seven”, another (pounding) roller.

And a new band has entered the extreme Metal battlefield, bringing in general Death Metal, but adding other influences to keep it more groovy and rolling. In a way, that’s nice, but things aren’t perfect yet here. The distortion is an element of discussion for it makes it hard to keep on listening from start to finish. Also, the production seems to be different depending on the song: sometimes there seems to be more triggering, other times there’s less. Perhaps BURIED IN BLACK is a band whose music comes out best live and the album is merely a promotional tool. In short, nice try, but there’s better material out there.


  1. The Bait
  2. Parasite’s Paradise
  3. 7.405.926
  4. One Life Left
  5. A Vast Hereafter
  6. Lest We Forget
  7. Act Of Caprice
  8. Godseed
  9. Violand
  10. One Ate Seven

Ron Brunke – vocals
Ben Liepelt – guitars
Etienne Belmar – guitars
Torsten Eggert – bass
Sören Teckenburg – drums

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