CHAOSWEAVER – Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger

CHAOSWEAVER is a Finnish Metal band, said to play Cinematic Extreme Metal (Napalm Records’ words). What you get is actually Melodic Death/Black Metal with symphonic and Industrial influences. But the way these guys compose their songs makes it cinematic in a way. Adding graphics would make it complete, indeed. The band was formed in 2004, releasing two demos the following years: “Weaving The Chaos” (2006) and “Cult Of The Buried Serpent” (2007). In 2008 the debut full-length was released under the title “Puppetmaster Of Pandemonium”. Four years later and because Napalm Records saw hail in the band, album no. 2 is out: “Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger” (end of June 2012). This is also the first I heard from these Finnish.

It begins with an intro called “A Red Dawn Rises”. Sounds of the sea in the back while the piano plays an emotional melody. Symphonic assistance is on its way, as like the waves, it goes back and forth. A man reflects on his life, his being, his current state of mind. As the end nears, this makes way for a very meditative, powerful composition at which end a gremlin voice comes creeping in. The music of “Wings Of Chaos” connects instantly with direct pounding and a powerful attack of Metal meets melody. A blasting apocalypse! Metal means power, the orchestrations (strings, brass, and not forgetting the main violin) stand in for doom! Vocals are screamy. This goes well with the emotional melodies. As said before, the music is descrived as cinematic and this song is one example that would go well with a Science Fiction film. The orchestrations, more variable than the power of Metal, are indicative of a future that is devoid of happiness and full of chaos, disorder, plagues, corruption. And how tasty it all sounds!

“Maelstrom Of Black Light”  is one of the easier songs, easier in terms of complexity. It’s more accessible, orchestral Metal. The screaming vocals remain a constant on this album. I like how the symphonic parts work/contrast with the Metal side of the music. A song that’s even more simple in structure is “The Great Cosmic Serpent”. It begins instantly with the verses and the dark, bombastic, apocalyptic Metal. The orchestral arrangements are more at the back, but come out as the chorus nears. The music overall is certainly heavier, darker and doomier in feel. A dark, bombastic bridge replaces the solo (which you would expect at this point) and thus splits the song in two.

“Infected” is a long song, and a creepy one as well. It starts in a gently, atmospheric fashion, somewhat spacey and cinematic. But the feel remains dark. Keyboards add a few layers to create that wall. Add drums and the whispering voice from the first track and you can compare this with SUMMONING (mainly on a musical level). Our character reflects on the nighing doom, sees no way out. And after a good 2 minutes the Metal bombast breaks loose. Hell is unleashed. Musically you get catchy riffing, while the piano adds to the creepy, doomy feel through accents, together with the futuristic sounds of the keyboards. This is one big aural assault! Halfway the focus shifts towards Metal. But that’s not all, as the pounding/blasting chorus is due again. Shortly afterwards the music flows better, keeps that futuristic atmosphere, but dark and devoid of feel-good elements. The vocals are then more growling/demonic, so to speak. To make the package complete, let’s add some Jazz. Apparently not to the liking of the singer, whose input turns into madness, insanity… infected, indeed. All hope is lost. Masterful how these Finnish did it. Again, not for the faint of heart.

“Requiem For A Lost Universe” starts with Doom Metal, comparable with SWALLOW THE SUN, NOVEMBERS DOOM and so on. But the screaming vocals and dramatic orchestration make an end to that. A Jazzy piece cuts the song in to, before all reverts back to bombastic power. The song ends in a theatrical manner with a creepy speech. Sort of like the Joker (Batman). No, seriously, it is similar. Time for a musical change then with “Crystal Blue”. This is an Industrial, RAMMSTEIN-like song. It’s got beats and the middle part is a Techno piece. Totally not my cup of tea! That aside, the track is ok, but not as attractive as the preceding ones.

“Repulsion” brings back the orchestral Metal, as catchy as “Wings Of Chaos” and “Maelstrom Of Black Light”. Full bombast is reserved for the chorus. The middle part here is rather spooky and atmospheric, comparable to e.g. ROSA CRUX. After that it’s back to business as usual. Another good song, but not as strong as as the first half of the album. All ends with “Ragnarök Sunset”. Piano and symphonics dominate the intro, where a low, demonic voice can be hears. The music is ballad-ish. And there’s even normal, clean singing with guest female vocals. The chorus is where the bombast and doomish power come to life, though the tempo is slow. I have to say I like the female singing in this part (duetting with the screamy/extreme vocals). Overall, this song has a nice flow between calmer parts and the bombastic power of the chorus. And so the story ends like it began: the sea and the piano.

Cinematic Extreme Metal is a general description, but the Metal itself is comparable to ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY, CARACH ANGREN, DIMMU BORGIR, and similar, of course with added orchestrations. The theatrical, cinematic influence makes “Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger” stand out from these bands and turn it into one of the best releases this year. Also a rather creepy one at times. Long story short: very much recommended release!



  1. A Red Dawn Rises
  2. Wings Of Chaos
  3. Maelstrom Of Black Light
  4. The Great Cosmic Serpent
  5. Infected
  6. A Requiem For A Lost Universe
  7. Crystal Blue
  8. Repulsion
  9. Ragnarök Sunset


Cypher Commander – vocals
Albert von Fleischer – guitar
Max Power – keyboards
Jack Tyger – drums
Pusa – bass (live)
Niiranen – guitar (live)