DEADLY CARNAGE – Sentiero II – Ceneri

DEADLY CARNAGE is an Italian Metal band that combines Black Metal and Doom Metal, the lyrics said to be inspired by nature, literature, philosophy, mythology and occult tradition. The basis was formed in 2005 and one year later the line-up was complete. That same year the demo “Noise Of War, Noise Of Doom” came out, containing 5 tracks and limited to 50 copies. In 2007 the EP “Sentiero I: Empi Inni alla Consapevolezza di Sé” was put out, the pressing this time limited to 100 copies. And the guys keep on working hard to create new material. 2008 is the year of their debut album, “Decadenza”, again pressed on a limited scale (150).

In 2010 DEADLY CARNAGE signs a deal with the Italian label Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum (specifically the sublabel De Tenebrarum Principio), which is specialized in Black Metal. “Sentiero II – Ceneri”, the band’s second full-length, came out in September 2011. It contains 6 tracks, which are, according to the band, to be regarded as one. There’s, as a bonus, also the video for the song “Growth And New Gods”, which can be seen on YouTube at this location.

It begins with “Guilt Of Discipline”, where you can hear a storm is coming up. Things are lingering in the dark, something is brewing. And then, indeed, alarming Black Metal is unleashed. Ferocious power that is unstoppable. Add the typical hellish vocals and you know this ain’t going to be a happy children’s tale. Of course the drums also blast their way through the track, but there’s also room for more normal playing. Halfway there’s a (sad) guitar solo and an onslaught of kickdrums. What a contrast! To be honest, I didn’t find that necessary here. However, the hellish blasting afterwards says otherwise. When another solo is due later, you can hear the piano trying to come to the front. Nice idea, but in this mix it sounds like two songs are playing at the same time. Still, “Guilt Of Discipline” is in general a decent track, albeit a bit long (07:48).

Another long track is “Parallels” with almost 9 minutes. This one sets in with an acoustic intro, very relaxing and how different from the assault in the first song. This piece carries on as an electric lead is put over it, together with the drums. The music slowly grows in volume, but the dramatic feel remains intact. Even the vocals indicate this. After 1/3, the focus shifts towards Metal, darker and a vocalist going mad over loving someone. The music flows on with a Doomy feel. When the middle is reached, the tempo increases and the vocals become more extreme, as does the music. The level of aggression is higher. Ending occurs with the clean, though, sad music of before.

“Epitaph Part I” is another aggressive song with fierce Black Metal riffing. The triggered kicks of before have also returned.  In “Epitaph Part II” a clean guitar is added, to contrast with the main riffing. The pace remains intact at midtempo. Halfway the piano comes in, but so do the rattling kicks, a combination that just sounds weird, at least to me. The guitar solo follows afterwards. The extreme vocals, though perhaps necessary, have a tendency to annoy.

“Growth And New Gods” is another Black Metal track, the intro building towards the outbreak, which happens with the typical humpa-rhythm. The music is dark and aggressive. Drums are again quite varied in tempo and rhythm. The vocals are, as you can expect, not of the clean kind. However, in quantity it’s the music that does most of the talking. All sounds of violence stop when the acoustic guitar comes in. Like before, an electric lead is added and so the music takes on a more dramatic character, while the acoustic guitar continues. This is another long song (over 7 minutes) and it could have been shorter somehow. The album ends with “Ceneri”, a track devoid of anything Metal. All you get is relaxing, atmospheric music, beginning with the acoustic guitar and the piano coming in later. And yes, an electric solo to go with it. The singing is clean and… the drums (toms and cymbals, for atmospheric reasons) are said to have been played in a manual way, i.e. hands only, no sticks. According to the band, this song was inspired by the movie “The Seventh Seal” of Ignmar Bergman (1957). I have to admit that this doesn’t ring a bell with me, though.

“Sentiero II – Ceneri” is the first I hear of DEADLY CARNAGE. The mix of Black and Doom Metal is not so clear to me, the Black Metal is clearly dominating, while I’d say the Doom aspect revolves more around the atmosphere, the feel of the songs. Six tracks only, but most very long, stretched you might say. This may have a reason from the band’s point of view, but to listen to, cutting off a few minutes (depending on the track) would be better. The production is good, generally speaking. On a whole, this second full-length offering is not bad – but not really super either, to be honest (it could be a matter of taste, too) – and if you’re seeking to expand your Black Metal collection, then DEADLY CARNAGE might be something up your alley.



  1. Guilt Of Discipline
  2. Parallels (Hands Wide Open – Hope – Coal Of Man)
  3. Epitaph Part I
  4. Epitaph Part II
  5. Growth And New Gods
  6. Ceneri


Marcello – lead vocals
Dave – guitar, second vocals
Alexios – guitar, keyboards, second vocals
Adres – bass, noise
Marco – drums