DEATHLEHEM – Epic Of Creation

DEATHLEHEM is a Canadian Melodic Death Metal band. Founded in 2008, it wasn’t until 2011 that the line-up became stable and an own style was made concrete. The band’s first release came out on the 10th of March 2012 and contains 4 songs under the title “Epic Of Creation”. This is, of course, a self-release. Nowadays, despite labels still putting out many releases, also from new bands, more and more bands are forced to finance it all by themselves. And in the current situation aka financial crisis, it only confirms that going into the studio and wanting a professional sound does cost a lot of money.

But on to the EP. It begins with the title track, “Epic Of Creation”. My first impression was, due to the Folky influence: this sounds a bit like the Belgian Folk/Power Metal band ANGELI DI PIETRA and perhaps like the latest HEIDEVOLK album, which sounds heavier than before. The music by DEATHLEHEM isn’t exactly Power Metal, it’s more extreme and more Melodic Death Metal. This also requires rough vocals. I like how they added a clean, atmospheric part starting before halfway the track and how it contains a Jazzy bass piece. Afterwards it’s headbanging time again. All in all, a good track.

“Blugeoning The Cortex”, as the title indicates, isn’t a ballad. You get an instant attack of Thrashy Metal (catchy riffing!) and grunts. The music flows between fast, Thrashy stuff and midtempo beatings. It sounds dark, heavy and of course aggressive, but overall it comes across as chaotic, rhythmically. There’s room for solos, which is good. “Suffocation By The Hands Of Man” offers rolling Melodic Death Metal with the riffing reminding me, somehow, of BENEDICTION’s “Subconscious Terror” album. A Thrashy outbreak follows. On a whole, the song contains very rhythmic Death Metal, which is good to work away stress or headbang for fun. Here the change between faster and slower interventions is well worked out. The solo precedes a dark and dramatic moment, musically speaking, before the BENEDICTION-like Death Metal returns.

“Apocalyptic Spawn” is the last song and is built first before Melodic Death Metal burts out in a firm way. The song ends in a similar manner. Here too, a nice twist: halfway all Metal stops and you only get clean and calm music. The calm before the storm, which comes under he form of blasting Metal and guitar solo. This connects neatly with a rhythmic, growled piece after which the music does the (melodic) talking until the end.

Since many years many releases have been thrown onto the market, one better than the other. And it’s nice to check out new stuff from time to time. The last few years more and more self-releases have come out and it’s no different with DEATHLEHEM and their “Epic Of Creation” EP. It’s a nice acquaintance with good stuff, generally speaking. The production is a bit on the light side, it could use more power, more punch. But as I said earlier, if you want this done properly, it takes a certain budget. But they’re on a good path, these Canadians. Let’s hope they confirm with the second release, be that another EP or even full-length.



  1. Epic Of Creation
  2. Bludgeoning The Cortex
  3. Suffocation By The Hand Of Man
  4. Apocalyptic Spawn


Marcello Trusendi – vocals
Nicola Nucciarone – guitar
Ulysses Fiorito – guitar
Félix Vary – bass
Dominic Nucciarone – drums