DERELICT – Promo EP 2011

Some time ago I got in touch with DERELICT frontman Eric Burnet, or better, he got in touch with me, about reviewing his band’s newest release, the “Promo EP 2011”, which was made available on the 26th April. It’s a self-release, of course, and serves as a pre-taste of things to come on the new DERELICT album, which is in the making. DERELICT hail from Montreal, Canada, and play Technical/Progressive Death Metal. It is said their music can be compared to bands like DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, for example. Formed in 2005, the band released its debut album, “Ideological Prey” the year after, followed by the EP “Carry The Flame” in 2008. Anno 2009 album no. 2 was ready and put out under the title “Unspoken Words”. Live-wise the Canadians have shared the stage with acts like JOB FOR A COWBOY, WHITECHAPEL, THE AGONIST, RECOVATION, THREAT SIGNAL and more. With the upcoming third full-length, it logical that they hope to expand that list and perhaps play abroad as well (?).

But now, in the year 2011 A.D., a 3-track EP has come out. Three songs, each not that long, so this review will also be short, logically. It starts with the furious “Perpetuation”. Not only that, it also attacks in a direct way and sounds like a machine gun. Eric’s vocals are bestial, to say the least, guiding what you can consider a whirlwind of brutality. But a very nice one, I must say. “Expiry” is no less violent, but takes its time to rush in. But once it does, the ferocity is unstoppable. However, the pace seems be lower here, while halfway and near the end there’s a fast outbreak. Last but not least, “Yours To Surpass” is a direct and instant violent eruption of destructive sounds with screamy vocals. Twisted melodic interventions break the wall a little, or better, make it stronger. The change in rhythm and tempo is typical for this style, but when played loud enough (or for the uninitiated), then this is an assault on mind and body.

Short story shorter: if you already liked what DERELICT plays, then the “Promo EP 2011” is what you may expect. Anyone else into Death Metal and specifically the Technical or Progressive version, keep an eye on this Canadian band, for they are very much worth checking out. My only remark would be regarding the production, which sounds a little too digital. Then again, so do many other Metal releases or Extreme Metal releases nowadays. Still, giving the sound a more old school touch would be nice.

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  1. Perpetuation
  2. Expiry
  3. Yours To Surpass


Eric Burnet – vocals
Max Lussier – guitars
Collin McGee – guitars
Jordan Perry – drums