DISCHORDIA – Creator, Destroyer

DISCHORDIA is an American Death Metal band, formed in 2010, if I read it correctly. These guys released their debut EP, “Creator, Destroyer”, last month (15th of October). This EP contains four tracks, one more brutal than the other. Musically these guys are said to have drawn influences from e.g. DECAPITATED, MESHUGGAH and THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. DISCHORDIA has so far shared the stage with bands like DYING FETUS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, BORN OF OSIRIS, DARKEST HOUR, THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK and more.

The EP starts with the title track, which begins with a movie sample. KATAKLYSM also begins their albums in that way and then the pounding and crushing Death Metal comes in. And it’s exatcly that, a destructive force of guitars and drums. Of course you get the typical growls, too. But DISCHORDIA keeps it varied. “Dark Passenger” is next and kicks in directly with growls and fast riffing. A breakout is nigh! The vile and demonic sounds are not for the faint of heart or mind. To not make it one blunt attack, the guys did think of adding some melody into the guitar playing. And yes, later on you can even hear a solo. The screams are aggressive, the drums… it ain’t Jazz or Latin, that’s for sure.

“Splitter” is a song where the trio goes into a more melodic Death Metal direction, plus it’s comparable (as well) with old SEPULTURA (e.g. “Chaos A.D.”, which isn’t Melodic Death Metal, I know). The playing is also more regular instead of the typical blasting, for example. Melody is indeed a key element here. There’s even a calm break halfway. Like with the other songs, the Americans have done a very good job. And finally there’s “Radioactive Iodine 121”, which also begins with a movie sample before the blasting Death Metal comes rushing out of the speakers. It sure is aggressive and perfect for moshpits and alike. Or if you’re really pissed at the world and feel like smashing things. Surprise, surprise… it comes in two parts, divided by a clean break.

DISCHORDIA is new to the scene and is indeed musical food for fans of KATAKLYSM, DECAPITATED, DYING FETUS, old SEPULTURA, maybe even SUFFOCATION and so on. The songs are not as accessible as one might think, due to the variation in tempo and rhythm. It’s therefore good to see/hear that the guys don’t always choose the easy way or the standard procedure. Kudos for that. On the other hand, as good as the material is, if you’re not in the mood, it’s best to listen to the EP when the time is right. “Creator, Destroyer” is a self-release, so contact the band to obtain your copy.



  1. Creator, Destroyer
  2. Dark Passenger
  3. Splitter
  4. Radioactive Iodine 121


Josh Turner – vocals, bass
Keeno – guitars, vocals
Josh Fallin – drums