DRAGONY – Legends

DRAGONY is a new, Austrian Power Metal band, formed in in 2011. Or rather, the band was formerly known as DRAGONSLAYER PROJECT and formed in 2007 as a studio project by Daniel Stockinger (guitar), Andreas Poppernitsch (guitar) and Siegfried Samer (vocals). But more members were added along the way and so the band got to play gigs, for which it’s convenient to have the right number of people to play those songs. In that same year, 2011, the band released its debut album, “Legends”. This allowed them to share the stage with AXXIS, Firewind, PAUL DI’ANNO, SERENITY, EDENBRIDGE and SONATA ARCTICA.

The band’s first album, “Legends”, features guest appearances by Tom Tieber (ECLIPTICA), Katie Joanne (SIREN’S CRY) and Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR). Originally the album was meant to be a Rock Opera, but apparently the bar was set a bit too high for a first release, so the band has to lower its expectations. Nevertheless, with these guest vocals, the Rock Opera touch is present in some way. Limb Music saw hail in the band’s song material and re-released “Legends” on the 22nd of June 2012. Ten tracks totalling a playtime of a good 50 minutes.

The epic journey begins with a symphonic intro (“Of Legends…”) that includes an organ, reminiscent of how MANOWAR deals with this on almost each album. And then it’s Power Metal time with the fast track “Burning Skies” where Ralf Scheepers’s pipes can be heard. The song itself has a dark atmosphere. The focus lies on guitars and drums, while keyboards operate from the back. The chorus is where the melodic music starts galopping, while it slows down during the guitar solo. Ending occurs like the beginning. A very decent song to start with, in any case. “Land Of Broken Dreams” sets in with a symphonic intro including twinkling sounds, which creates a sense of mystery. Slowly the song is being built towards the breaking out into the symphonic verses, which sound a bit like ARTRACH, a disbanded Progressive Power Metal formation from Belgium. The chorus is a typical, fast Power Metal one and features backing vocals to have an epic touch. Did I say it sounded catchy? Keyboards of course provide melody and atmosphere, also during the solo part, which is another section where the band steps on it.

The next track is reminiscent of the band’s previous name, DRAGONSLAYER PROJECT, and aptly titled “Dragonslayer”. It’s got an epic, orchestral intro. Midtempo, galopping power ballad-like music follows, during which the drums speed up a bit, though it’s nothing grand. The chorus is that of a hymnic power ballad and includes trumpets and more. Somehow the music was also given a Folky touch in a symphonic canvas. The solo moment is good, indeed. All in all, this is another good song, but not as strong as the others, in my humble opinion. There’s better music in “Wings Of The Night”, which takes off directly, delivering fast, melodic Power Metal. It sounds a bit like ALESTORM, to be honest. Keyboards are present through symphonics and the harpsichord. And here you can hear Tom Tieber (ECLIPTICA) singing. The Power Metal is fierce, which is very good. The solo part is also nice, as the guitar and harpsichord play in unison.

“Vaults Of Heaven” offers pounding melodic Metal with firm verses. Melody is also important in the bridge, while the Metal gallops in the chorus. I do want to add that this part’s melody reminded me of another song from another band, but the title and name fail to come to mind. After the solo, a pounding, symphonic piece is played followed by a calm, Jazzy piece where the piano and vocals are the dominant factors. And so the rebuilding towards firm Metal is set in. Another less strong song is due next, titled “The Longest Night”. And it’s a long one indeed with 8 minutes and a half of playtime. It begins with a atmospheric intro after which the music breaks loose with firm midtempo verses over a ballad-like bridge into a symphonic chorus. Over halfway Katie Joanne (SIREN’S CRY) sings her part. Symphonic bombast is created and flows into the solo section. Afer this, it’s back to bridge, chorus and done. All in all, not a bad song, but perhaps a bit too long?

The organ commences “Hero’s Return”, again in vein of MANOWAR. Fast, bombastic Power Metal breaks loose after that. The catchy bridge rises to a climax that erupts into an epic chorus, which all goes well with the simple, yet firm verses. There’s even a choir moment some time later. This song, too, is among the better ones. So is “The Ride”, having a sung intro like FREEDOM CALL’s “Warriors” or “Metal Invasion”. Bass and kickdrum set in, a feeling of suspense is created and the incoming vocals only add to that. This is exciting? What will happen next? Nothing fancy, just dancey verses that connect with a galopping chorus. Again FREEDOM CALL and the aforementioned intro come to mind. The solo is set over halfway. Ending occurs with “Alcador”, which begins like a ballad, as the piano indicates. The Poppy verses also have the piano as dominant instrument, together with symphonic backing. There is Metal here, but you could describe it as Pop Metal. Still, it’s a power ballad, so it’s not surprising. The bridge contains pounding double bass and sounds very melodic, as does the chorus with bells… again in vein of MANOWAR. The middle of the song is calm and soft, but bombast is not far off. Symphonic leadwork, guitars in the back at this point. The chorus is due next and so onwards to the end. Not a bad song, all in all, but somehow mediocre.

DRAGONY is, all things considered, a nice musical acquaintance. They made an entertaining melodic Power Metal album, comparable to FREEDOM CALL, GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN, KALEDON, SECRET SPHERE, DARK MOOR and several similar bands. “Legends” offers nothing groundbreaking, but it certainly shows the potential is present and it can only get better from now on. You can buy this release without harm.



  1. Of Legends…
  2. Burning Skies (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
  3. Land Of Broken Dreams
  4. Dragonslayer
  5. Wings Of The Night (feat. Tom Tieber)
  6. Vaults Of Heaven
  7. The Longest Night (feat. Katie Joanne)
  8. Hero’s Return
  9. The Ride
  10. Alcador


Siegfried Samer – vocals
Daniel Stockinger – guitar
Andreas Poppernitsch – guitar
Georg Lorenz – keyboards
Herbert Glos – bass
Frederic Brünner – drums