DUST BOLT – Violent Abolition

DUST BOLT is a young German old school Thrash Metal band. Formed in 2006, the quartet self-released an EP, “Chaos Possession”, in 2010. This contained five tracks, of which “Deviance” made it onto the debut album “Violent Demolition” that came out around the end of July 2012 via Napalm Records. DUST BOLT is said to play old school Thrash in vein of KREATOR, SLAYER and TESTAMENT (to name just these). Not much more can be said, as the promo didn’t really have vital info on this band (no line-up, no real bio, no info on other things). Sure, one can look these things up on internet, but still…

“Violent Abolition” begins with “Opulence Contaminated”. Tension is created and then the cord snaps: it’s Thrash time! Devastating attacking Metal, raw, energetic and wild. The rhythm is catchy, as is custom with this genre. The singing, or rather screaming, comes with a raspy voice. The chorus is straight-forward. Later there’s a breakdown followed by the obligatory solos. All in all, an enjoyable Thrash track. The title track is next and also has a building intro, no instant satisfaction. But that is soon solved as the pounding Thrash is unleashed. The chorus flows onwards at midtempo, which is good to make the distinction with the verses. After the solo moment, which breaks the song in two, the rebuilding commences and it’s back to business then. So far, so good.

“March Thru Pain” begins with a little solo, followed by humpa Thrash Metal. You know, that typical drumming where the drummer alternates between snare and hi-hat (with kick). The guitarwork contains melodic touches, which is good, as it makes the music more attractive. The pace in the chorus is even faster than in the verses. The band slows down before the solos, but put the pedal to metal again afterwards. Ok stuff, but not exactly super. “Shattered By Reality” begins in a calm way, builds onwards with Metal and that takes a while. As if they’re really preparing for another violent, aggressive, pounding attack with fast vocals. And so it happens!

EXODUS has “Exodus Attack”, DUST BOLT has “Toxic Attack”. As you can imagine, it’s got fast riffing, a menacing roll… and yes, an outbreak leading into humpa Thrash Metal (with a midtempo chorus). Nothing spectacular, just a song by the book. “Into Madness” is a song that stood out for me, I must say. Sure, the classic humpa stuff, though with a midtempo, thundering chorus. The music flows onwards in a regular fashion during the solos. In terms of variety, this is well done. “Oblivion” as well has a building intro that leads into violent Thrash that has its slower, straight-forward moments. After the melodic start, “Pleasure On Illusion” provides the typical humpa Thrash of before. The chorus, however, is slow, mencing and dark with vile vocals. “Deviance” ends this first full-length with melodic, fast Thrash. Nothing  big, just solid enough.

And so another new band has jumped on the old school Thrash Metal bandwagon, just like EVILE, HAVOK, WARBRINGER and more. DUST BOLT brings the typical raw Thrash of old and in se there is nothing wrong with that. What is good about “Violent Abolition” and DUST BOLt is the enthusiasm and energy these guys put into their tunes. However, not all is well. The hoarse vocals annoy after a while and the humpa drums are also overused a little too much, in my (humble opinion). Of course, it’s a typical Thrash ingredient and it’s alright if it’s applied, but here it’s just too much. Those details aside, if you’re looking for new old school stuff, then you can add DUST BOLT’s debut album to your collection. Else, it’s best to see what these guys bring on their next releases.



  1. Opulence Contaminated
  2. Violent Abolition
  3. March Thru Pain
  4. Shattered By Reality
  5. Toxic Attack
  6. Into Madness
  7. Oblivion
  8. Pleasure On Illusion
  9. Deviance


Lenny B. – vocals, guitar
Flo D. – guitar
Bene M. – bass
Nico R. – drums