FKÜ – 4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers

I’ve never heard of F.K.Ü. (short for Freddy Krueger’s Underwear). It seems this Swedish Thrash Metal band was formed back in 1987. Somewhat later the band went on hiatus to regroup ten years later in 1997. This resulted in the 20-song demo “Beware of the Evil Underwear” in 1998. In 1999 the band’s debut full-length came out: “Metal Moshing Mad”. Like before, many tracks. And this is a typical for F.K.Ü., putting many tracks on their releases. After gigs with a.o. THE HAUNTED, ENTOMBED and MESHUGGAH, the band took a while to put out album no. 2, “Sometimes They Come Back… To Mosh” (2005), said to be inspired by 80’s Thrash and horror movies.

Another four years, after the touring with ENGORGED, HYADES and others, album no. 3 came out: “Where Moshers Dwell”. And with this new release the Swedes extensively toured their country to play at festivals like  Sweden Rock Festival, Metaltown, Getaway Rock Festival & House of Metal, and so on. Fast-forward then to 2013, the year of album no. 4, aptly titled “4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers”. This one was released by Napalm Records on the 26th of April. It contains 17 tracks. 18 if you count the digital bonus track “We’re Evil”.

Seventeen tracks is a lot and it would be if they would each be at least 4-5 minutes long. Of course, for that the band would have to make the album a 2-CD release. But as we’re dealing with Thrash, playtime can be shortened a great deal. It begins with “Moshocalpyse Now”. First there’s a bit of radio effect, a new report, an orchestral piece… tension rising… where’s the Thrash? It’s in “Rise Of The Mosh Mongers”, the title track. On offer is rapid, shredding Thrash with a high-pitched scream. Sort of like EXODUS meets DESTRUCTION meets EVILE. The rhythm is catchy, as it should when making such an album. After the scream, I found the singing a bit similar to e.g. STORMWARRIOR and yes, HELSTAR.

Another news update then in “Black Hole Hell”, after which the humpa Thrash sets in. Key factor here: a rattling bass, almost like in DESTRUCTION. In the last part the drums change a little, going for a straight-forward approach. “Cannibal Detox” begins with drums, but short and in a Hardcore way. When the Thrash sets is, it’s catchy as f***, with a key role for the drums. Here and there F.K.Ü. added interludes. Well, not really interludes, more like scraps of songs, as they are extremely short (only a few seconds). Each is titled “The Überslasher”, going from “Pt. 1” to “Pt. 4”. Why they exist, I don’t know. Why they weren’t pasted together or why a regular song wasn’t made from each of them, I don’t know. I do know that they are more disrupting than contributing.

On to “Scream Bloody Mosher”, which also has an intro, building towards driving midtempo Thrash. Again the rattling bass is present and even more than before. Overall, a nice change among the typical humpa/skankbeat Thrash. Pedal to the metal in “Esox Lucius”, which sounds like a rapid version of ONSLAUGHT’s “Burn” (“Killing Peace” album). Oh, and look – or better – listen, a guitar solo. The drumming is wild and furious. Add a touoch of LEGION OF THE DAMNED and you know how it sounds. “At The Mountains Of Madness” is a midtempo Thrasher in vein of ANNIHILATOR, MEGADETH and so on. A calm intro is set for “A Nightmare Made Thrash”, but fear not, Thrash is on its way. Killer stuff!

Rattling bass reporting again for duty in “112 Ocean Avenue”. A film sample precedes the music in “Marz Attacks”, after which it’s of course Thrash time! Next song then, “Terror Train”. Here as well, an intro followed by energetic, furious Thrash. And a straight-forward chorus. Time for something simpler then, yet without Thrashing less: “They Feed In The Dark”. Last but not least, there’s “Anthem Of The Moshoholics”, a hymnic, midtempo Thrash song. The rattling bass remains intact, but speed is not an issue here. However, over halfway, speed does become an issue. Very much. All ends with noise and a faint piano sound in the back.

All in all, I must say that “4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers” is a nice introduction to the music of F.K.Ü.; maybe not the best, but you have to start somewhere. And considering all their albums have so many tracks – with the risk of more filler than killer – I have the impression it’s one of those bands: heard one album, heard ’em all. The production is polished, the music is in vein of EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, ANNIHILATOR, ONSLAUGHT, SPELLBOUND, LEGION OF THE DAMNED and so on. However, this release is not like those of the aforementioned bands. F.K.Ü. needs to be played in between, to have fun and so on. Long story short: the album is alright, though nothing spectacular (in my humble opinion).



  1. Moshocalypse Now
  2. Rise Of The Mosh Mongers
  3. Black Hole Hell
  4. Cannibal Detox
  5. The Überslasher Pt. 1
  6. Scream Bloody Mosher
  7. Esox Lucius
  8. The Überslasher Pt. 2
  9. At The Mountains Of Madness
  10. A Nightmare Made Thrash
  11. 112 Ocean Avenue
  12. The Überslasher Pt. 3
  13. Marz Attacks
  14. Terror Train
  15. The Überslasher Pt. 4
  16. They Feed In The Dark
  17. Anthem Of The Moshoholics


Larry Lethal – lead vocals
Pete Stooaahl – guitar, vocals (backing)
Pat Splat – bass, vocals
Dr. Ted Killer Miller – drums, vocals (backing)