The Polish Heavy Metal band GRIMLORD released its latest album, “V-Column”, in 2012. This was three years after “Dolce Vita Sath-an As” (see my review here). I got to know about them when in 2008 they put out “Blood Runneth Over” (see my review here). Back then I thought the band had good ideas, yet on a whole things could/needed to be improved.

Anno 2012, GRIMLORD does indeed have a better, yet digital, production. This new release contains ten tracks, but is barely longer than SLAYER’s “Reign In Blood” (1986). It begins with “Fifth Column” and its Heavy Metal intro transcending into a firm midtempo take off. The pounding verses contain rough vocals, while the chorus is dark and melodic. Theatrical even, in a way. There’s room for even more drama, so to speak. The doomy bridge is one with speech and church bells, followed by a violin moment blasted onwards by the drums. The rest of the track is all about instrumental talk. Oh yes, there’s a barking dog as well. Though I fail to see the link.

In “Mass Delusions & Hysterias” the focus lies on rhythm. The music is now (again) Black/Heavy Metal, sort of like VENOM or similar. However, the vocals lean more towards KREATOR. I’m not talking about the screaming. “Prolegomena” is an acoustic, instrumental interlude. To be honest, this is good stuff. But it’s short, which is normal, as it’s an interlude. “Posthumous Coronation” continues with Heavy Metal and a rattling bass. Melody is injected in the chorus via the vocals, while the music is more Hard Rock-oriented. An acoustic break halfway allows for a resting point before the power is once more unleashed.

“King Is Dead…” is a Power Metal song. Though there’s also clean singing and appropriate guitar guidance. Stil, it must be said: the accent  needs working on. “Dead Bodies Don’t Swim” is another acoustic interlude, just guitar and vocals. But it’s not as good as the previous one. Time to step on the gas then: “Faithful Avenger Till The Remainder”. The intro gives the impression things will go fast. What you get is pounding Power Metal… sort of like KALEDON. There’s room for a solo and the band runs out of fuel towards the end, hence the slowdown.

“March Again” is an instrumental Heavy Metal track, pretty good. “Superconscious” is, on the other hand, a midtempo Hard Rock song, dark and haunting somehow. Nothing super, to be honest, but it’s not bad either. “Widerstand 17”, lastly, begins with an acoustic, esoteric-sounding part. The Metal kicks in soon, but in a chaotic manner.

Album number three and normally this should be it. Truth be told: it isn’t. Sure, the production (however digital) is better, and there are some good ideas, as with any of their releases. But I found it hard to get/follow the songs. The music is alright, but the vocals will probably remain a weak spot.



  1. Fifth column
  2. Mass Delusions & Hysterias
  3. Prolegomena
  4. Posthumous Coronation
  5. King Is Dead…
  6. Dead Bodies Don’t Swim
  7. Faithful Avenger Till The Remainder
  8. March Again
  9. Superconscious
  10. Widerstand 17


Barth la Picard – vocals, guitar
Ryshak – guitar
Irass – bass
Integer Valor-  keyboards,  drum programming
Caspero – drums