INSET – Inset

INSET is a young Polish Death Metal band, joining in the footsteps of e.g. VADER, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATION, and others. The band was formed in 2011 by Dariusz Kaczorowski (bass) and Pawel Adamowicz (guitar). Once the line-up was completed they could start working on a first release, this being self-titled. To make the sure the name was out, the band tried to play as many gigs and possible. Earlier this year, anno 2012, the self-titled EP (yet without artwork) was released. This contains four tracks of Death/Thrash Metal with progressive touches.

It begins with an “Intro” consisting of winds, war sounds, bombast, darkness, death… no signs of happiness here. “Sunday Hordes” kicks in directly after this with violent Death Metal and growling vocals. The production is very polished, that’s clear. This track indeed shows the progressive/Jazzy influences, mainly via the bass. The songs twists halfway, allowing the music to flow better, to then pound onwards in a Thrash kind of way. Diversity is key here, and the guitar solo was set around the ending. All in all, a massive song that has a cinematic feel.

“Touch Of Life And Death” offers attacking Death Metal by the book. The midtempo verses again have those growing vocals, which are present in each track (save the intro, of course). After the verses, the Metal calms down and makes way for a clean/acoustic intervention that leads to a dragging chorus. Halfway however you better not stand in the way of the violent eruption, also harbouring the guitar solo, that takes place. Last but not least there’s “Last Breath Before Us”, also starting in a direct manner. No intro, but instant attack with the verses. The drums sound thundering and the guitar solo comes in quite early. The chorus rolls, thunders on, has guitar screams when growls are due. For the last part of the track the band opted for a Thrashier approach.

For a first (self-)release, this new Polish Death Metal band called INSET has done a very good job. Massive, destructive tunes that are very promising. INSET could be one of the leading bands of Polish Extreme Metal when the oldies put down their arms. If you’re into VADER, OBSCURA, KRISIUN, DEICIDE, BOLT THROWER, … hesistate not, INSET’s self-titled EP can safely be added to your collection. It’s of course best to contact the band to obtain your copy.



  1. Intro
  2. Sunday Hordes
  3. Touch Of Life And Death
  4. Last Breath Before Us


Bartlomiej Kaniewski – vocals
Pawel Adamowicz – guitar
Bartek Kaczorowski – guitar
Dariusz Kaczorowski – bass
Michal ‘MiK’ Magiera – drums