IRONCLAD – Strike & Ravage

IRONCLAD is a young Finnish Heavy Metal band, formed in an unknown year. Not much is known about this band, and the press text didn’t hold much information either. Not even knows this band exists.

Anyway, early November the Finnish label Violent Journey Records released the band’s 4-track EP, “Strike & Ravage”. Whether or not this is the band’s first release, I can’t tell.

“Strike & Ravage” takes off with the title track. A melodic start leading into the firm verses with hoarse vocals. Vocals you could, somehow, see as Lemmy-meets-Biff (MOTÖRHEAD / SAXON) and maybe a touch of Zetro Souza (ex-TESTAMENT, ex-EXODUS). The Metal is in vein of a.o. SAXON, NOWBHM and similar, with a light Bluesy touch. The chorus is catchy, and is dominated by group vocals that give it a Folk touch. The guitar solo is short and functional.

“Harder Than Steel” follows with more power and drive. And catchy riffing. The chorus is also sung in group. “Warriors” is too obviously based on BLACK SABBATH’s classic hit, “Heaven And Hell”. It’s like IRONCLAD took this song, played the music a little different, and found it good enough to call it their own. Nowadays everyone copies from everyone, and there are many songs you could compare to songs from other bands, even from tens of years ago, but in some cases it’s just too obvious. In se, nothing wrong with that, but “Warriors” is nothing fancy.

Last but not least, there’s “Demon Heart”, a fast, double-bassed pounder of a song. Think of MANOWAR, SABATON, HAMMERFALL, WIZARD and so on.

In short, IRONCLAD have put out a relatively nice, digital EP, trying to keep things simple and catchy. But they aren’t breaking any new grounds, rely rather on what’s been done before, albeit it a little too much.



  1. Strike & Ravage
  2. Harder Than Steel
  3. Warriors
  4. Demon Heart



Edward Steelgun – vocals
Duke Belmont – guitar
Dick Wolfgang – bass
Thorborg Bomber – drums