KYZYL KUM – Sable Rouge

KYZYL KUM is a French duo that goes through the world of Metal playing Stoner Metal. Featuring François Deschamp on guitar and bass, and Jérôme Bouquet on drums, these guys decided in 2010 to join forces. The bio of the band is written in a funny way, with references to dark times and what not. In short, it’s not your typical biography. Neither is the way these guys handled their first release: “Sable Rouge” (“Red Sand”). The designed the artwork themselves, they even made the “digipack” themselves. The CD was pressed professionally, though.

On this album you’ll find eight tracks of pure instrumental Stoner Metal with a good slab of Doom. And since the band’s bio is weird, so are the song titles.Their meanings are most likely only known to the band members (and friends, relatives, …).

It begins with “Kosmiska Superskunk”, an atmospheric, distorted intro with a spacey feel. This connects with the slow, distorted Doom of “Cause Des Smicards  Sur Du Punk”. Think of e.g. BLACK SABBATH, KARMA TO BURN and similar. Before halfway the speed increases, the music rocks more now, but that only lasts for a short while. All in all, not bad, but you can hear there’s a need for vocals here or guitar leads or something. The distortion is throughout the album, by the way.

The next track, “Because Death Of Tcare Sucks”, has the guitar sound come out in a compressed way at first. Then full power is unleashed. You could in a way consider this like MOTÖRHEAD going Doom, and specifically, Stoner Metal. At some point, there’s a guitar break, backed by toms only. And this is the beginning of the end, since the music then drags itself onwards. All speed is gone.

Drums set in “Il Ose Défier L’Art Des Trucks”, followed by the guitar a little later. This is a straight-forward song and a rocking one. But it also sounds like an engine that doesn’t want to start or a car being driven by someone without experience (wam..wam..wam..). Stoner Metal is one offer here with a nice distinction between the verses (the engine or car stuff) and what is supposed to be the chorus. Since it’s all instrumental, it’s a little harder to find a right orientation. All in all, another ok result, this one focussing on rhythm, yet leaving no room for leads or solos.

And if you want an even slower song, then “Close My Scares. Fuck!” will satisfy your needs. Distortion is key, but so is the depressive feel. Thé surprise is the atmospheric break, devoid of guitar and drums. It’s just… sounds. I don’t know how else to describe it. Fear not, the Doom stuff does return after this interlude.

Another song where the guitar sound was compressed is “Cobaye Scorbut (Pose Mon Arme Chuck)”. It’s a more or less midtempo track that speeds up a little in the chorus, providing more punch to the whole. “Goodbye Jean-Luc” begins with a movie sample, a dialogue, followed by MOTÖRHEAD-like Rock ‘n’ Roll, albeit in a Stoner fashion. But as the lads play Doom, the higher tempo isn’t kept very long. All then ends like it began, with an atmospheric, spacey track. Here it’s titled “Oh Oui! Le Grand Duc!”.

KYZYL KUM, a strange name for a rather strange Metal outfit. This French duo made a raw and honest sounding Stoner/Doom album on which rhythm is very important. However, in most cases you can hear that there is a need for either vocals or guitar leads or something else to fill those holes. The raw production is nice and gives the music a specific touch, but it also makes “Sable Rouge” more of a demo release than a proper sounding album, if you know what I mean. There are some good ideas on this album, but as there’s not much variety in the guitarwork, the songs sound a bit incomplete. However, for some this kind of minimalism is complete anyway. So, if you’re looking for something new and instrumental, maybe François and Jérôme can help you out. Other than that… there’s more and better food on the market, in my humble opinion.



  1. Kosmiska Superskunk
  2. Cause Des Smicards Sur Du Punk
  3. Because Death Of Tcare Sucks
  4. Il Ose Défier L’Art Des Trucks
  5. Close My Scares. Fuck!
  6. Cobaye Scorbut (Pose Mon Arme Chuck)
  7. Goodbye Jean-Luc
  8. Oh Oui! Le Grand Duc!


François Deschamp – guitar, bass
Jérôme Bouquet – drums