MASTERS OF DISGUISE – Knutson’s Return

MASTERS OF DISGUISE is a new band, formed by the members of ROXXCALIBUR, under which monniker the lads revived the NWOBHM classics. So far, two albums were put out, “NWOBHM For Muthas” (2009, see my review here) and  “Lords Of The NWOBHM” (2011, see my review here). Both releases are a must for any Heavy Metal and/or NWOBHM-fan. I had the pleasure to see ROXXCALIBUR live at work last year, and I can tell you it was awesome!

But while SAVAGE GRACE is no more and the Thrash band ABANDONED is slowly rising from its long sleep with the medcline pillow – the band’s last album dates from 2007 (“Thrash You!”) – a new band was formed, MASTERS OF DISGUISE. Their debut full-length, “Back With A Vengeance” just came out (15th November), but there is a 3-track EP preceding it, titled “Knutson’s Return”. This came out on the 25th of October as digital download, for a limited time only.

The EP kicks off with “For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)”. The song takes  a direct start, offering fast and furious Heavy Metal. Epic vocals with high-pitched screams round it off. This sounds very old school, but a tad faster, I’ve got the impression. The chorus, compared to the verses, sounds rather hymnic. Solos are set halfway the song, after which ist’s back to business.

Next is “Alliance”. It spawns in a war zone, after which the main guitar riff is played. This is a midtempo song, not as fast as the previous one. Melody comes mainly from Alexx’s singing, although there’s guidance from the guitars. Musically it’s quite similar to IRON MAIDEN, even if the guys have their focus on US Heavy Metal. The chorus is also where the music becomes more melodic, and the leadwork stands out. Solo time is, on the other hand, shorter than expected. Not that this is bad, not at all, but in this genre it would not have hurt to extend it a bit. Last but not least, “Into The Fire”. On offer: furious guitar work, uptempo drumming, and epic vocals. On top of all that, a nice slab of catchiness.

I don’t know if there’s a new ROXXCALIBUR album in the making, or when, for example, ABANDONED will come out with new material, but in the meantime, there’s MASTERS OF DISGUISE to quench your (Heavy) Metal thirst. If the album, “Back With A Vengeance”, is as good as this EP predicts, then bring it on!



  1. For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)
  2. Alliance
  3. Into The Fire (Bonus Track)


Alexx Stahl – vocals
Kalli Coldsmith – guitar
Roger Dequis – guitar
Mario Lang – bass
Neudi – drums