MYSTERY – 2013

It’s always nice to get new review material, but if you have to look up info on the album (tracklist) on the internet, instead of finding it on the paper that was sent with the CD… not good. Especially when there’s still room to add it. Anyway, here we have MYSTERY, a young Australian Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band. When I first saw the name, I thought it was from the German band THE MYSTERY.

MYSTERY was formed back  in 2010. Its members were then 12 and 13 years old. Very soon the band started sharing the stage with MANOWAR, NIGHTWISH,  AT VANCE, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, JADED HEART and so on. They’ve also played several shows in the US, Germany, Japan, …

“2013” appears to be the title of this band’s debut album. So far for inspiration. But the guys kept it simple and that can be a good thing. The album contains ten tracks, of which the last two are covers. The playtime is over after about 30 minutes, which means short songs, which means they have to be catchy. No room for extras or fancy stuff.

It begins with an intro of typical proportions. Hymnic guitar leads. But it’s too short, even for an intro like this. But then, cowbell time! A guitar scratching. And off we, eh, they are. Midtempo Rocker with a touch of Glam, à la MÖTLEY CRÜE, TWISTED SISTER, and so on. We’re back in the 80’s. Vocals are okay, but lack variation. Like I said, short songs mean catchy songs, at least in this genre. Feel free to sing along with the chorus and do “Raise Your Fist” when attending a gig. Plus, there’s room for a solo. “Freedom” has more drive, I’d say, but the 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal feel remain present throughout the album. This is another catchy song, where vocals are high in the chorus (backings). There’s, however, a nice break (by the drums), before the obligatory solo kicks in.

Another sing-along song is “Nonstop To Nowhere”. This one starts with atmospheric intro, leading to a ballad-like part and into the clean verses. They in turn connect with an anthemic chorus. The pace quickens a bit for the solo, but that solo is barely on track or the whole starts to fade out. Why? What the…? That’s no way to end a song, and certainly not there. It’s as if the song was cut off.  “Test Of Time” begins with a guitar intro and so into firm midtempo rocking. The vocals aren’t always on the spot, but the music is catchy. As I’ve said a few times before. I won’t say it again.

Time for a bit of AC/DC- or SHAKRA-like rocking with “On Fire”. This one has screamy guitars and vocals that flow freely, almost unguided, so to speak. A more Bluesy-influenced rocker is “Rock N Roll Forever Be”, however cheesy it may be. But it’s another song with an anthemic chorus. Still, it’s all very simple. “Lost In Time”? Could this be the band’s song? Are they stuck in the 80’s? It begins with a Science Fiction-like intro. Midtempo Rock follows soon afterwards. And the guys gave the music a twist around the second half, where there’s even a shift into Power Metal-ish mode.

The own songs done, here are the covers. Starting with the DIO classic “Stand Up And Shout” (off the “Holy Diver” album). MYSTERY is a young band, so… Anyway, the music is ok, the vocals aren’t as they should be here. “Land Down Under” is a better effort. But again, those vocals… Rocky’s timbre just isn’t right for such songs.

In short: There are several bands out there keeping Glam alive (H.E.A.T., KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, …), and there are also enough bands keeping Metal of the 80’s alive. MYSTERY is a young band, and they’re eager to conquer stages and hearts of young females, but “2013” is not for the serious Metalhead… at all. Not just because the band members are still quite young, but because this album has too much of the same, the songs are very simple, and because it’s not on par with the releases of their influences or even other new bands copying old school. And that gets tedious after a few songs.



  1. 2013 – A New Dawn
  2. Raise Your Fist
  3. Freedom
  4. Nonstop To Nowhere
  5. Test Of Time
  6. On Fire
  7. Rock N Roll Forever Be
  8. Lost In Time
  9. Stand Up And Shout (DIO cover)
  10. Land Down Under (MEN AT WORK cover)


Rocky Ravic – vocals, guitar
Kris Iaccino – guitar
Josh Scarpaci – bass
Tony Mlikota – drums