OUROBOROS – Glorification Of A Myth

Three years ago I got a request to review the EP “A Path To Extinction” by the Australian Death/Thrash Metal band DRED. See the review here. The four tracks showed what great potential and skills these guys had and it only made me wonder why there was no label that had offered them a contract. Of course DRED played several gigs to get the name out and all 1,000 copies of the EP were quickly sold out. Two years after the release, i.e. 2009, the band decided to change its name into OUROBOROS as it would fit better with the direction they were planning on taking.  As you may know, OUROBOROS is a snake or dragon eating its own tail. The picture/symbol can be found in several cultures (Greek, Aztec, Egypt, …). See Wikipedia for more info.

A new name also means a release must be connected to it. And so it happened: “Glorification Of A Myth” has been a fact since the end of May 2011. Next to the four tracks from the aforementioned EP, the guys added another six. The EP ones were re-recorded and especially the solos were redone as well. In addition, as the band played all those gigs and practised the (new) songs, the vocals also improved. What also improved is the production. Even if the EP also sounded quite good. As with many modern releases, the sound is powerful and the whole comes flowing out of the speakers as smooth as silk. Well, almost.

“Glorification Of A Myth” takes off with “Black Hole Generator”, an instant tornado of ferocious and sharp Death/Thrash with enough attention for melody. The riffing is fast, the drumming thunderous, the vocals demonic (growls) and this combination just sounds sooooo catchy, tasty and more!! It’s also nice to hear the technicality of it all, especially the drums. Lots of stamina and a focused mind are key elements to accomplish this. Yes, talent is another factor, obviously. The guitar solos come in at the right time and fit in perfectly. Each part connects neatly. The band kept is varied from start to finish and that is of course always a strong point.

Next is “Lashing Of The Flames”, which starts immediately after the first song. The double kicks roll out rapidly and everything simply slides along so smoothly with the typical ingredients and technical style. Speed is of less importance here, there’s more focus on atmosphere, so to speak. The pace does go up at some point, no worries, but again you can clearly distinct the verses from the chorus, for example, and this adds to the listenability. You could add keyboards (mainly for the atmospheric backing), but I believe that would be the redundant instrument and thus cause more harm than good. Solos are again a key element, mainly where you would expect vocals. The acoustic break sounds refreshing and creates a nice contrast before the destructive power is re-activated.

“Animal, Man… Machine” is one of the tracks off the “A Path To Extinction” EP. Hence my copy-pasting and this for the other three tracks as well. This song begins with some building (outbursts) before the take-off. All flows well at a reasonably high tempo and the whole – like the other tracks – is very catchy, not in the least the chorus. Overall the song is more straight-forward, even though the polyrhythmic drums are present. The midtempo bridge, which offers a variation of the main riff, is ideal to headbang to. Bonus points go to the guitar solo, which leads to the end. “Sanctuary” comes bursting and rolling in. It’s of course inline with the previous tracks. The band spent enough timeon the intro and instrumental side of the song. The solo is again well placed before the vocals take over. The verses are straight-forward, while the chorus has a more agitated character (by manner of speech). A semi-acoustic piece (atmospheric, emotional and yet powerful somehow) bridges the gap towards a diverse rhythmic part. Overall, another very good end result, even if the song is less catchy than most of the other tracks.

“Sea To Summit” is another track off the aforementioned EP. It’s another direct song and you better not stand in the way of this devastating force. The solo in the beginning is a great way to lure you in and another one follows later on, after the slowdown, while slowly rebuilding the pace to be unleashed one last time afterwards. Pure quality! And yes, this is another very catchy song, both in bridge and chorus! “Disembodied Mind” is a new song, offering a direct powerful attack. It’s played at midtempo, but sound technical due to a.o. lots of double bass activity (bursts). There was again attention for instrumental talk, but like “Sanctuary”, the result is less catchy, but therefore not less good. The band speeds it up a bit in the chorus, which is good for various reasons. Several listens are advised, though, to really hear/grasp it all.

And so we carry on with “Dissolve”, with direct double bass and technical attack, like rapid fire at several targets. The use of double bass/kicks is of high importance. In fact, the drums are a central piece here, even during the guitar solo. But I don’t mind at all and the song in general is another hit, indeed. “Panacea” takes off with double bass bursts and once more the drums take a key place in the song. The verses follow very soon with vocals (of course). Even if it’s not a speedy track, it’s best to stay focused to know what’s going on. There’s a speed increase in the bridge before the chorus. The guitar solo is rather wild and crazy, not for those with a head ache or preference for more simple music. The progressive touch here is well done.

Then comes the third song from the EP, “Edifice Of Tyranny”. Evgeny’s throat is spared, which means there’s more music to hear. Variation is served in terms of rhythm and tempo with a catchy sauce. Comparisons with e.g. GOD DETHRONED or BOLT THROWER are easily made. Evgeny’s growls sound pure and almost like Johan Hegg’s (AMON AMARTH), only lower. Nice to hear also how the band spares a few seconds for the bass, creating a Jazzy moment, a bit like with OBSCURA, ATHEIST, … This re-recorded version is well done and perhaps even better than the original. “Glorification Of A Myth” ends with the last song off the EP, “Absent From Entity”. This, like the other three, is a re-recorded version with the usual ingredients (technicality, variation, …). Superb stuff, without question!

DRED, OUROBOROS, whatever the name, these Australians have delivered one of the best albums this year. They know their craft and presented a wonderful technical Death/Thrash album. Under the DRED banner they already showed their potential and “Glorification Of A Myth” is more than a confirmation of those. It’s a self-release and judging by the quality (incl. a smooth production, maybe a liiiitle too smooth? Trivial detail here), one can only congratulate the guys for their hard work. Long story short: highly recommended album!




  1. Black Hole Generator
  2. Lashing Of The Flames
  3. Animal, Man… Machine
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Sea To Summit
  6. Disembodied Mind
  7. Dissolve
  8. Panacea
  9. Edifice Of Tyranny
  10. Absent From Entity


Evgeny Linnik – vocals
Chris Jones – guitars
Mikhail Okrugin – guitars
Michael Conti – bass
David Horgan – drums