SIN7SINS – Carnival Of No Tomorrow

SIN7SINS is a Dutch female-fronted Metal band, playing Gothic Metal, formed in 2006. A solid line-up was a fact around the end of 2007. That same year a demo was put out, which led to several live shows, one of them being at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2008 was the year the band toured as part of the Jägermeister Tour line-up. Two years later SIN7SINS put out a first full-length: “Perversion Ltd.” and signed for this release with the German label Massacre Records, who then made it available to the masses at the end of October 2010. More gigs and a 6-month break later, enough material was written for a new album.

At the end of last year (2011) the band recorded “Carnival Of No Tomorrow”. No release via Massacre Records this time, but their own little S7S Records. The production was in the hands of Dan Swanö. He and Mark Jansen (EPICA, MAYAN) also contributed with guest vocals on this album, repectively for the songs “Cyanide Symphony” and “As Romance Dies”. The release date was set on the 11th of May 2012. “Carnival Of No Tomorrow” contains 11 songs and for the track “Sick Of You” a video was shot. See here.

“Brimstone Ignition” is the first track, beginning with a symphonic intro. This creates a dreamy atmosphere, almost Sci-Fi-like. And then you get grooving melodic Metal, the chorus part. Keyboards (played by…?) dominate, are countered for power by the guitars and drums. Lotus’s clean, high-pitched vocals fit well here. Operatic vocals would not be appropriate. The melodic, dark bridge with grunts reminded me of NIGHTWISH’s “Oceanborn” album. Overall, SIN7SINS made this song quite theatrical. I like it! However, I find a bit of a pity that the drums sound so compressed.

“Sick Of You”, a more linear song, kicks in with direct bombast, which serves as an entrée before the proper take off, which is faster and very firm. Crucial here is that it rocks, though the backing keyboards help to make the sound picture more complete. The chorus mainly gives this song a rather Poppy feel, a bit dancy too. You could compare it to NIGHTWISH’s “Bye Bye Beautiful” in terms of rhythm and beat. The grooving guitars dominate once more, but as I said, the keyboards are needed to keep the balance of melody vs power. In “Pornstar Love” electronic sounds play a role in the intro, together with a symphonic layer… preparing for the Metal outbreak. And so it occurs, again in a bombastic and theatrical manner. But the effects on the vocals don’t fit, if you ask me. It sounds awkward. The music does sound more like you would expect from a Gothic Metal release and the chorus is again infused with a dose of catchiness. Here too a dark bridge was installed, with beauty-and-the-beast kind of singing. The intro theme returns and connects neatly with the chorus. So far, so very good.

“Shadows & Dust” is a ballad. Not the best I’ve heard, but it’s good. The verses consist of the piano, symphonic assistance, while the Metal is reserved for the chorus. The song sounds a bit like WITHIN TEMPTATION, also vocally. “Carnivores At Carnival” is rhythmically very similar to “Keine Lust” by RAMMSTEIN. I kid you not. Also around the fifth minute it’s like the piece in RAMMSTEIN’s song before the keyboard solo starts, only… in SIN7SINS song it’s slower. The music overall is inline with the rest: dark, haunting, theatrical. And it’s got grunts. “Pain Induced Craze” is a midtempo grooving Gothic Metal track with backing chants. The verses sound a bit dancy, also due to the electronic input. The Metal instrumentation is added afterwards. The bombast comes out in the bridge and chorus. While this is a relatively simple and catchy song, it is another job well done. Reminded me in a way of e.g. DARK THE SUNS.

“As Romance Dies” then, featuring Mark Jansen (EPICA, MAYAN) on vocals. It begins with an atmospheric and symphonic intro, led by the piano and choir in the back. The Metal comes in bursts, preparing the attack. NIGHTWISH comes to mind again, musically and grunt-wise. The verses are sung by Lotus. Those grunts also return in the bridge and are the second voice in the chorus. Good stuff here, powerful and pounding! Of course the melodic side of the sound was not forgotten either. I have to say this is one my favourite tracks. And Dan can show his vokills (well, he doesn’t grunt, growl or scream at all here) in “Cyanide Symphony”, which also isn’t a very shiny song. It begins with a dark mood, aided by the symphonic input. Thunder and mystery… a total lack of Metal, only the piano and Lotus’s clean vocals. When the drums fall in, sounding quite 80’s I must say, soft male vocals take over the mic. A strange love song, I must say. 😉 But it’s good.

After this calm intermezzo, the rocking continues with “Revolt Tonight!”, which I found rhythmically similar to “Symphony Of Destruction” by MEGADETH. The keyboards lead, the guitars and drums fulfill their role of power suppliers. The chorus is simple, but powerful – yet it could use some keyboards -, and features again the combo female lead vocals – male grunts as second. The bridge is grand, bombastic! What is nice here, is the bass moment over halfway. Before the chorus pops up again, another dark, pounding piece – and of course a guitar solo – follows.

“Jenkins’ Nightmare”  is based on the classical music piece called “Palladio”. See here (YouTube). Add Metal and you’ve got another very nice Neo-Classical Metal song! However, here the verses are clean (just the bass, drums and piano), while the guitars are added in the bridge, sounding solemn, humble. The chorus is based on Jenkins’s composition, but I found the vocals redundant. The music is very nice and the singing is well done, but since this classical piece is already great on its own, it’s bit a of a shame to put vocals over it. A bridge piece that follows later features then just the classical basis and a violin solo. The end nears, so the “March To Ruin” begins. It’s a creepy and haunting song at first (strings, piano, marching drums). Fully orchestral, but very cinematic at the same time. When electronic elements are added you think something is about to give, but there’s no Metal around the corner, nor are there any vocals. Music all the way, but beautiful music at that.

“Carnival Of No Tomorrow”, my first encounter with SIN7SINS. This Dutch Gothic Metal band, sceptic as I was after a first listen, convinced me after several more listens. The production is good, the songs are very attractive (despite the drums being a wee bit too compressed for my taste) with a nice balance between melody and metallic power. Recommended!



  1. Brimstone Ignition
  2. Sick Of You
  3. Pornstar Love
  4. Shadows & Dust
  5. Carnivores At Carnival
  6. Pain Induced Craze
  7. As Romance Dies (feat. Mark Jansen)
  8. Cyanide Symphony (feat. Dan Swanö)
  9. Revolt Tonight!
  10. Jenkins’ Nightmare
  11. March To Ruin



Lotus – vocals
Gen Morphine – g
uitar, vocals
Tristan Hex – guitar
JD ACID – bass

Heresy 101 – drums