SINNER – One Bullet Left

Back in 2008 the band around Mat Sinner – SINNER – released “Crash & Burn” (see the review here). While his other band, PRIMAL FEAR, is heavier and plays solid Heavy/Power Metal, with SINNER the bassist opts for a Hard Rock direction and has been doing so since the 1980s. Mat has been busy the past few years with PRIMAL FEAR and VOODOO CIRCLE, the band around SILENT FORCE guitarist Alex Beyrodt. Alex also joined PRIMAL FEAR again, mainly for the live performances, plus he’s also part of the line-up of SINNER. Anno 2011 the band has 3 guitarists and a new drummer: Alex Beyrodt, Christof Leim, Alex Scholpp (TARJA, FARMER BOYS) and André Hilgers (SILENT FORCE, RAGE) behind the drums. These guys made the follow-up to “Crash & Burn”, i.e. “One Bullet Left”. AFM Records released it on the 9th September. The digipack edition contains, next to the regular list of 12 songs, 2 bonus tracks and a video for the song “Back On Trail”.

“One Bullet Left” begins with “The One You Left Behind”, a fast Hard Rock song. The tempo is high, the guitarwork melodic, but when not, the whole simply rocks! The chorus is catchy enough. A very good start for this new album. “Back On Trail” is slower and soundq a lot like THIN LIZZY’s classic hit “Jailbreak”, only more powerful due to modern technology. But I like it. “Give & Take” is a melodic Heavy Metal track with more drive and power. Again the chorus was written to be catchy, especially on the melodic side. However, Mat’s singing in that part isn’t so good, as it sounds forced. The music is quite alright. The title track start with a very nice rhythm on the toms, in vein of MARYLIN MANSON’s “The Beautiful People”. The chorus is Poppy, although the addition of heavy guitars are needed to keep it in the Hard Rock department. Not bad, nothing super either. “10 2 Death”, however, is then a better song. It’s got drive and power. The rhythm, too, is well written. Vocally, though, I think Mat wrote too many words for the lyrics, as he almost stumbles over them at some point.

Halfway the tracklist you get the obligatory power ballad, “Haunted”. Nothing special, really, and I must say I found Mat’s singing the least good aspect here. He’s never been among the best singer and there are songs where his voice does fit, also in some songs of PRIMAL FEAR, but here it’s just mediocre. “Atomic Playboys” is a cover, originally by STEVE STEVENS, whom I’ve never heard of. But SINNER made it rock, no doubt about that. It’s a classic straight-forward Rock song, comparable, to some extent, to SHAKRA, PRIMAL FEAR (probably because of the production) and similar. “Suicide Mission” has the same kind of rhythm and very melodic leads. Somehow, THIN LIZZY came to mind again, but in a heavier version. Still, “Back On Trail” is far more THIN LIZZY than this song. The tempo drops a bit in “Wake Me When I’m Sober”, where the melodic leads stand out. “Mind Over Matter” is another straight-forward Rock song and a firm one as well. Comparable to U.D.O.’s latest works. “Mend To Be Broken” is also a solid song with power and drive. The album ends with “Rolling Away”. Tension, mystery… just drums and clean guitars first, then the same rhythm and melody is applied for the verses. Full power and volume is activated in the chorus. All in all, a very nice Bluesy Hard Rock song with 80’s influences.

Long story short, I liked “Crash & Burn”. “One Bullet Left” is also a good album, contains several solid Hard Rock songs that are easy to listen to and get you in the mood. On the other hand, the material is never as strong as the PRIMAL FEAR stuff, even if the writing process is different there, as is the style. If you’re fan of the band or the style, you cannot really go wrong here, although it’s not the best Mat has made so far.


  1. The One You Left Behind
  2. Back On Trail
  3. Give & Take
  4. One Bullet Left
  5. 10 2 Death
  6. Haunted
  7. Atomic Playboys (STEVE STEVENS cover)
  8. Suicide Mission
  9. Wake Me When I’m Sober
  10. Mind Over Matter
  11. Mend To Be Broken
  12. Rolling Away


Mat Sinner – vocals, bass
Alex Beyrodt – guitars
Christof Leim – guitars
Alex Scholpp – guitars
André Hilgers – drums

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