STRIKER – Armed To The Teeth

Canada homes many good bands: ANNIHILATOR, DERELICT, QUO VADIS, MARTYR, INTO ETERNITY, BEYOND CREATION, CAULDRON, FORGOTTEN TALES, and so on. The newest one coming into view is STRIKER, a Heavy Metal band. Formed in 2007, the band has in the meantime put out a demo (2008), an EP (“Road Warrior”, 2009) and a first full-length (“Eyes In The Night”, 2010). In each year following the founding of the band a record was put out. For their sophomore album, “Armed To The Teeth”, it took a little while longer. Probably due to gigs, work, … The Austrian label Napalm Records saw hail in this band’s skills and signed them. At the end of July 2012 the second album was a fact and thus Europe and the world can hear what these Canadians are capable of.

Also thanks to this release I get to know about STRIKER, who aim to keep old school Heavy Metal alive, but with a lot of power and harmony. “Forever” is one of those typical 80’s tracks: fast, dual guitars and catchy compositions. Dan’s clean, melodic voice fits perfectly here. This song really gets you in the mood, the music has a good vibe and the solos round it off. “Let It Burn”, for which a video was made, begins slow, but then the rapid Heavy Metal kicks in. Again, powerful and energetic. The chorus is pumped up, so to speak. Catchy, pounding, giving you a good time. “Lethal Force” has a clean intro, dreammy, atmospheric. This is followed by midtempo Metal in vein of DIO or Dio’s BLACK SABBATH period, though the drums are the variable instrument here. The rhythm is simple, but very tastey! The tempo remains low in the chorus as well, but this sounds massive. Over halfway, before the solo, the music gets more Metal, a little Thrashier, vicious. And this remains intact until the end. So far, so very good!

Make no mistake, “It Could Be Worse” does not apply to this or any other song on this album. It begins with a simple, catchy, midtempo composition. It feels dark and doomy (not referring to Doom Metal). The kick in the rear is not far off. This connects nicely with the melodic, harmonized chorus. Halfway the music changes into slow, bombastic and atmospheric instrumentalism, after which the band returns to the fury of Heavy Metal, including the solos. “Fight For Your Life” is a midtempo melodic Heavy Metal song, a typical song, but very good. The chorus has harmonized vocals, but the music is firm. “Land Of The Lost” is another midtempo track, but with a good drive, a bit Thrashy too. And here as well, the chorus is of the melodic kind. Great stuff. “Wolfgang”, as you might expect, is musically reminiscent of classical music, hence the Neo-Classical guitar intro, followed by raging fast Power Metal. Awesome! The vocals are more furious, too. Inline with the title you also get wolf sounds, police sirens, glass breaking. Is this about a robbery or something? The solos are playd with uptempo backing. STRIKER still strikes, indeed!

“Feed The Fire”, how easy to sing “Feel The Fire” (IRON MASK), has the Metal bursting out, sounding like the power will be unleashed very soon. And so it happens. Pounding Metal, tension in the verses and then…*bam!*, uptempo Heavy Metal on the loose in/on the bridge, flowing into a firm, midtempo and straight-forward chorus. What a contrast. Also standing out is the solo part. Time for another energetic track after this. “All The Way” delivers the goods, starting with a raging, shredding guitar intro, pounding onwards as the rest of the band sets in. The typical 80’s sound is prominent in the verses where the clean guitar reigns. Raging Metal is set for the bridge, connecting with a melodic, harmonized chorus where Dan opts for high-pitched screams. Live cheers were added to the track for the sake of atmosphere and feel. “Armed To The Teeth” ends wit the fast track “Can’t Stop The Rush”, where the double kicks cannot be denied. The chorus is a typical midtempo part sung by the entire band, like it was done almost 25 years ago. And it sounds so familiar. Other than that, this song is full of energetic, pumping, pounding Metal. Oh yes, and room for solos.

Conclusion: if you’re into old school Heavy Metal with a great vibe, energetic music and that typical 80’s feel (though with a modern production), then STRIKER’s “Armed To The Teeth” is nothing less than a MUST HAVE! If old school Thrash is kept alive by EVILE, HAVOK, WARBRINGER, DUST BOLT, and many more, then STRIKER is one of the leading bands keeping old school Heavy Metal alive.



  1. Forever
  2. Let It Burn
  3. Lethal Force
  4. It Could Be Worse
  5. Fight For You Life
  6. Land Of The Lost
  7. Wolfgang
  8. Feed The Fire
  9. All The Way
  10. Can’t Stop The Rush


Dan Cleary – vocals
Ian Sandercock – guitar
Chris Segger – guitar
Dave Arnold – bass
Adam Brown – drums