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LONELY KAMEL is a Norwegian Stoner Rock band, who released its 3rd full-length on the 28th October 2011. The band was formed several years ago. In 2008 they put out their self-titled debut (which was re-released by Napalm Records on … continue reading

I DECLINE – Time To Shine

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Several months ago, back in 2011, I got a copy of “Time To Shine” to review. This came from the American Stoner Rock/Heavy Metal band I DECLINE. I DECLINE was formed back in 1996, released 3 demos and an EP … continue reading

DRAGONLAND – Under The Grey Banner

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The Swedish Symphonic Power Metal band DRAGONLAND has been around for a good ten years now, since their founding in 1999. In the following year they released a demo called “Storming Across Heaven”. One year later the debut full-length came … continue reading

ISOLE – Born From Shadows


ISOLE, the Swedish Traditional/Epic Doom Metal band, last released an album in 2009: “Silent Ruins”. See my review here. This was their fourth full-length, after “Forevermore” (2005), “Throne Of Void” (2006) and “Bliss Of Solitude” (2008). Each release being a … continue reading

IRON MASK – Black As Death

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IRON MASK, the other band of MAGIC KINGDOM guitarist Dushan Petrossi, has been around for several years.  Since 2002 four albums have been made, starting with “Revenge Is My Name” (which Dushan considers a demo), followed by “Hordes Of The … continue reading


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RED DESCENDING is an Australian Melodic Death Metal band I got acquainted with in 2008, when they released their debut full-length “Where Dreams Come To Die”. Back then I compared their symphonically infused Metal with DARK TRANQUILLITY and HOLLENTHON, to … continue reading

SANDSTONE – Cultural Dissonance

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Two years ago Limb Music Products re-released “Purging The Past” by the Northern Irish band SANDSTONE. Earlier that same year Casket Music had put out the band’s second album, but LMP decided a remastering would be best if they were … continue reading

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