HAIDUK – Spellbook

Friday, August 16, 2013 : 0 Comments

HAIDUK is a solo project by guitarist Luka Milojica, who resides in Canada. This project, consisting of Death/Black Metal, was formed in the same year of his first release, the “Plagueswept” demo, i.e. 2010. The songs are said to be … continue reading

ALITOR – Embittered


ALITOR is a Thrash Metal band from Indjija, Serbia. The band was founded in July 2011 with the intention to play old school Bay Area Thrash, in vein of TESTAMENT, HEATHEN, FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, … The Serbians also add a.o. DEATH, … continue reading

SYNFUL IRA – Between Hope And Fear

Saturday, July 20, 2013 : 0 Comments

SYNFUL IRA is an Italian Gothic Rock/Metal band, inspired by EVANESCENCE and NIGHTWISH. Or rather, they started by covering those two bands. This soon evolved into writing own material. First proof of that was the demo “The Hard Reality”, which … continue reading


Saturday, June 29, 2013 : 0 Comments

The Polish Heavy Metal band GRIMLORD released its latest album, “V-Column”, in 2012. This was three years after “Dolce Vita Sath-an As” (see my review here). I got to know about them when in 2008 they put out “Blood Runneth … continue reading

MUNRUTHEL – Epoch Of Aquarius

Friday, May 10, 2013 : 0 Comments

MUNRUTHEL is the solo project of THUNDERKRAFT (see my review of their latest album here) drummer… Munruthel. Everything started around 1995, when the debut album of SILENTIUM was released. It was a CDemo titled “The Ancients’ Wisdom”, containing 18 electronic … continue reading

KYZYL KUM – Sable Rouge

Thursday, April 18, 2013 : 0 Comments

KYZYL KUM is a French duo that goes through the world of Metal playing Stoner Metal. Featuring François Deschamp on guitar and bass, and Jérôme Bouquet on drums, these guys decided in 2010 to join forces. The bio of the … continue reading


Wednesday, March 27, 2013 : 0 Comments

CIVILIZATION ONE is a German melodic Power Metal band, formed in 2006 by singer Chitral Somapala together with guitarist Aldo Lonobile (SECRET SPHERE), Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (MALADAPTIVE, ex- HEAVENLY) and Luca Cartasegna (SECRET SPHERE). You may know Chitral Somapala from such bands … continue reading

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