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2012 was the year I got to know about the Spanish Gothic Metal band DIABULUS IN MUSICA, as they released their second full-length then, called “The Wanderer”. And it was a positive experience, I must say. See my review here. … continue reading

RUSSKAJA – Energia!

Sunday, June 9, 2013 : 0 Comments

RUSSKAJA… never heard of these guys. It appears to be a band consisting of Russians, Ukrainians and Austrians. And they don’t play regular Metal, rather focus on other styles and add a touch of Metal to it. It is said … continue reading


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No Metal this time, but it still rocks… somehow. MY SLEEPING KARMA, hailing from Germany, was very much unknown to me until the fall of 2012, when Napalm Records released the band’s fourth full-length, “Soma”, in September. So yes, this … continue reading

PARAGON – Force Of Destruction

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The last I heard about PARAGON, this German Heavy/Power Metal band, was a few years ago, when guitarist Martin Christian left. Bassist Jan Bünning had prior to this returned to the fold. In terms of releases, “Forgotten Prophecies” (2007) was … continue reading

EX DEO – Caligvla

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After KATAKLYSM’s ninth album, “Prevail” (2008), vocalist Maurizio Iacono found the time to begin an own project called EX DEO. With this he would focus, lyrically, on Roman history, on its emperors, the important figures and happenings of that time. … continue reading

DUST BOLT – Violent Abolition

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DUST BOLT is a young German old school Thrash Metal band. Formed in 2006, the quartet self-released an EP, “Chaos Possession”, in 2010. This contained five tracks, of which “Deviance” made it onto the debut album “Violent Demolition” that came … continue reading

GRAVE DIGGER – Clash Of The Gods

Sunday, September 9, 2012 : 0 Comments

On their last studio album, “The Clans Will Rise Again” (2010), the German Heavy/Power Metal band GRAVE DIGGER again payed homage to the people of Scotland, as they had done on “Tunes Of War” (1996). I found that, with “Ballads … continue reading

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