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MUDFACE is an American Thrash Metal band that brings its Thrash in a groovy manner. The band was formed seven years ago and was formerly known as S1FT (1998-2005, 3 demos released). Under this new monniker a demo was put … continue reading

INSET – Inset

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INSET is a young Polish Death Metal band, joining in the footsteps of e.g. VADER, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATION, and others. The band was formed in 2011 by Dariusz Kaczorowski (bass) and Pawel Adamowicz (guitar). Once the line-up was completed they could … continue reading


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DREADNOUGHT is a Melodic Black Metal band from Luxembourg, formed in 2006 by Lynx (guitar) and Panzerfaust (drums).  The idea was to combine Melodic Black Metal and the power of Thrash Metal. As always with bands, it took a little … continue reading


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REAONS BEHIND is an Italian Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal band, formed in 2010. They started as a cover band, playing songs from WITHIN TEMPTATION, AFTER FOREVER and so on. But it soon became clear that this was a dead end street. … continue reading

OUTLIAR – Provoked To Anger

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OUTLIAR is an American Thrash-influenced Metal band, formed in 2004.  After eight years a first release is now available via the band and CDBaby at this link. Titled “Provoked To Anger”, the album was recorded at The Basement Studio in … continue reading


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SWITCHBLADE ROSIE is an American Progressive Metal band, formed a few years ago. They are said to be “inspired by everything from JOHN COLTRANE to MESHUGGAH, DEATH, and even BACH.” The music contains influences from Jazz, Metal and classical music. … continue reading

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