VISIGOTH – Final Spell

VISIGOTH is a US Heavy Metal band, formed in 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are said to be influenced by DIO, TWISTED TOWER DIRE and ATLANTEAN KODEX. In that same year the band released the “Vengeance” demo. Anno 2012 the EP “Final Spell” came out, though only in digital format and on cassette. So the Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music decided it would be good to bring it out on CD, which happened in May 2013. There’s even a vinyl edition of it, the first 150 copies of the 500 being coloured.

“Final Spell” contains four songs, but despite the shortness of the tracklist, this EP is very promising. It begins with “Seven Golden Ships”. A heavy, Doomy guitar intro leads into the midtempo fullness of the song. The tempo is not high, yet the music is catchy and easy to listen to. The vocals are clean, a bit hymnic even and this goes well with the music. during the solo, the guys do opt for a faster approach, making the whole sound a bit more epic.

The title track, “Final Spell”,offers Heavy Metal with more punch, also quite IRON MAIDEN-like with a lot of focus on guitar talk, on leads, solos, harmonies. A calm, hymnic break offers a bit of rest and time to sing a long (“ho ho ho” – no, not Santa Claus) before the uptempo chorus returns. “Call Of The Road” brings you firm, old school Heavy Metal. It’s got power, it’s got balls. And it’s got the dual leads and solos.

Last but not least, “Creature Of Desire”: übercatchy, hymnic Heavy Metal. And a tempo increase for the solo. ROCK!

In short, VISIGOTH may be new and may be playing old school Heavy Metal, but they sure know how it’s done. Solid, catchy and fun for many times to come. So if you’re into the aforementioned bands and MANOWAR, SABATON (though these guys add more bombast), LORDS OF THE TRIDENT, ACCEPT, and so on… then don’t wait any longer and purchase your copy of “Final Spell”. Heavily recommended!



  1. Seven Golden Ships
  2. Final Spell
  3. Call Of The Road
  4. Creature Of Desire


Jake Rogers – vocals
Leeland Campana – guitar
Jamison Palmer – guitar
Matt Brotherton – bass
Mikey T. – drums