VOODOO CIRCLE – More Than One Way Home

Alex Beyrodt, guitarist of SILENT FORCE and PRIMAL FEAR, decided five years ago to have another project on the rails with which he would demonstrate his love for Hard Rock (yes, he also plays/ed in SINNER), whereas with the other two bands he dwells in the realms of (Melodic) Power Metal. And as it goes with fellow musicians, you play in each other’s band(s). Hence Matt Sinner (SINNER, PRIMAL FEAR) playing bass in VOODOO CIRCLE.

A first release was “Voodoo Circle”, the self-titled debut album. You can read my review here. This album clearly showed what quality Alex and co. had to offer. Three years later the follow-up was available: “Broken Heart Syndrome” (see my review here). This was not only a confirmation of what was presented on the debut album, but the bar was raised a bit as well. Several gigs with PRIMAL FEAR and spending time writing the new material later, album no. 3 is ready: “More Than One Way Home”, out since the 22nd of February 2013. It contains 12 tracks – with a good 50 minutes of playtime – with bonus material on the digipack version: “Shape Of Things To Come”, “Castles Burn” and “Cry For Love” (video clip).

“More Than One Way Home” begins with the Bluesy intro of “Graveyard City”. It’s a midtempo track that does ROCK! and sounds firm as well. David Readman (vocals) sounds very good, puts a lot of passion and effort in his singing. Musically, the song’s got catchy riffs and melodies. And melody is a key factor, mainly via the vocals. The obligatory guitar solo rounds it all off. Alex is a master of the art. “Tears In The Rain” is a Bluesy power ballad, by the book. But it’s sounds so good! Calm, solemn verses connect with a more voluminous chorus, and you can feel the emotion flowing out of the speakers.

“Heart Of Babylon” adds more punch again, yet leaves plenty of room for melodic input. The main role is played by the keyboards. While this is another firm, straight-forward rocker, it also has a bit a of a dreamy feel. Vocals are again done with passion and here David Readman comes close to Jorn Lande. An atmospheric, melodic bridge leads to the chorus, which is simple and direct. The solo moments (guitar and keyboards) don’t follow instantly, as they are introduced by an atmospheric break.  And now a trip back in time for a(nother) emotional love song, 80’s-style. Overall, pure quality. Plus, this is one of those songs for on the road, when you’re cruising.

“Alissa” stands out foremost because it’s an acoustic track. It’s exotic, dreamy and has congas (I think 😉 ). Backing symphonics make the sonic picture complete. Ready to rock again, VOODOO CIRCLE commence “The Ghost In Your Heart” with a low-sounding and I have to say this sounds quite similar to how Arjen Lucassen applies it in his AYREON project. The organ is also the leading instrument once it’s Hard Rock time. The chorus is then where the melodic aspect comes out most. Rocking even more is done in “Bane Of My Existence”, excellent to headbang to. The chorus is quite furious this time, all instruments have joined forces.

The title track is not a Hard Rock song, it’s a ballad. While of course there’s David doing the singing, there’s also lots of room for instrumental talk. But fear not, this resting point passed, the band continues the path of Rock with “The Killer In You”. “The Saint And The Sinner” has atmospheric verses with adjusted singing (though with loud accents). This leads/grows towards the chorus, where volume and grandeur come to life. It’s another love song, emotional and catchy. “Victim Of Love” has everything VOODOO CIRCLE is known for, but at a slower tempo. Last but not least, there’s “Open Your Eyes”, a live song with the organ and guitar in the spotlights.

VOODOO CIRCLE has now three albums up its sleeves: “Voodoo Circle” (2008), “Broken Heart Syndrome” (2011) and the latest one, “More Than One Way Home” (2013). Each time Alex Beyrodt and co. have raised the bar a little and each album is very strong. If you’re into (melodic) Hard Rock with a Bluesy touch and the obligatory ballads, then by all means, add “More Than One Way Home” to your collection, for it contains solid musicianship, excellent vocals, a very good production and more. Defnitely one of the best albums this year.



  1. Graveyard City
  2. Tears In The Rain
  3. Heart Of Babylon
  4. Cry For Love
  5. Alissa
  6. The Ghost In Your Heart
  7. Bane Of My Existence
  8. More Than One Way Home
  9. The Killer In You
  10. The Saint And The Sinner
  11. Victim Of Love
  12. Open Your Eyes


David Readman – vocals
Alex Beyrodt – guitar
Mat Sinner – bass, vocals
Jimmy Kresic – keyboards
Markus Kullmann – drums