WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING) – Thoughtscanning

WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING) is a French/Belgian Avantgarde/Progressive Metal band, formed in 2013. The name is taken from a track by the Post-Metal/Drone band THE ANGELIC PROCESS, from the band’s 2007 album, “Weighing Souls with Sand”. WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING) is actually the brainchild of vocalist/journalist Arno Strobl (CARNIVAL IN COAL), who teamed up with the Belgian musician Déhà. Both have been/are active in various bands or projects. See the band’s page on Metal-Archives.com.

The first release, “Thoughtscanning”, came out in January via Kaotoxin Records. The album contains one or two tracks, depending on whether you buy the regular or limited edition version. Most space is taken up by the main track, “Thoughtscan”, which is of MOONSORROW-like proportions. See for example their “V: Hävitetty” (2007) album, which contained two tracks of each almost or a little more than 30 minutes. “Thoughtscan” clocks off after 33 minutes. And it is one big, varied musical journey. Not the most happy journey, though.

It begins calm and atmospheric, a little Doomy. A clean guitar lick comes in, the bass falls in, and so the music enters the realm of Jazz. A sad, electric solo and soft drums come into play, giving the music a more groovy character. As the music carries on, it’s time for the next phase in which vocals are added: clean, solemn. Even a duet at some point. And this escalates into agonizing screams, louder music and overall a dark, Doomy and emotional ride. Like ocean waves, things revert back to solemn music. Until the next outburst, more powerful and massive than before.

The next phase connects flawlessly, bridged through a melodic shift: the Jazzy part of before returns, this time with the violin as guest, leading the soft and low vocals. This creates a feeling of mystery. Of course, something has got to give and, yes, power breaks out again, this time in a more vicious manner. No screaming, but rather shouting, and greasier singing. Back and forth, back and forth; calm, Jazzy music vs powerful, Doomy, speed increases, … A lot of drama comes out in the last parts of the song.

In short: not the kind of song or track you can grasp in one take. There’s so much going on, shifting from calm to extreme outbursts and back, but all connected very smoothly. In any case, hats off to both members for pulling it off. Do know that it’s a dark experience, this thought scan. Pain, anger, hate, … do have your Power Metal antidote at the ready (in a manner of speaking).

The limited edition has as bonus an AMY WINEHOUSE cover: “Back To Black”. As I am/was no Amy Winehouse fan, I’m not familiar with her repertoire (save for the mainstream hits), and therefore I can’t really say how good WE ALL DIE’s rendition is. However, it contrasts too much with “Thoughtscan”, which makes the regular album version a better purchase choice.



  1. Thoughtscan
  2. Back to Black (AMY WINEHOUSE cover)



Arno Strobl – vocals
Déhà – all instruments, vocals